Mailbag: Matthew Hanley, author of FrontPage Mag’s “Benedict is Pope” piece, checks in

A lovely letter over the transom today!

Dear Ann / Miss Barnhardt,

I just saw your post where you referred to my recent anti-pope article. Thank you for that. Let’s hope this matter keeps gaining further traction!

With respect to your observation:

So one day I said to myself: I am going to look into it. I am going to read what people who claim Bergoglio is an anti-Pope have to say – and evaluate their arguments. Not their personality or writing style, nor their position within “society” or the Church, but the thrust of their arguments.

[He’s totally talking about me – at least a little. Yay! ]

Let me just briefly say that, actually:

1) that was kind of a generic comment (even if, sure, it pertains “a little” to you too 🙂 – because I have come across many different folks weighing in on this topic, and appreciated (& acknowledge) even some of the pointed differences, mannerisms etc. I’ve also gained in some respects from reading those not on board with the anti-pope thesis. But here’s the other thing:

2) I *like* your personality/writing style. I like your verve or tenacity or whatever the right word is. Boldness. I think there is definitely a place for that, and in fact that quality you have in spades is in too little supply, as far as I am concerned.

So I just wanted to say hi, and that I’ve benefited much from your work, and your zeal for the truth. And so I thank you for all that…and send you much encouragement going forward.

God bless you!


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