Meet the next Antipope in the pipeline. This guy Zuppi is a massive fag-lover, and just declared that people who murder themselves in assisted suicide get canonization ceremonies (aka Novus Ordo funerals)

The only way out of this is for someone in authority, which we all know at this point means Cardinal Burke – let’s stop pretending there is anyone else with the authority of the illegally deposed Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura (aka Chief Justice of the Vatican Supreme Court) – to end this Antipapacy and BREAK THE CYCLE outside of supernatural intervention.

A lot of Ecclesia Dei people just LURV this Zuppi because he’s the kind of ladyman that is DESPERATE to be “liked” by absolutely everyone he meets. Yeah- one of THOSE. Pardon me while I barf in my mouth a little. 🤢

So he has “played nice” with the Trads, even celebrating a TLM in Rome years ago when he was the Auxiliary Bishop of the Center of Rome.

But this fag-loving Communist is full-Luciferian behind his simpering, “coprophagic” grin. To wit:

Euthanasia, Cardinal Zuppi: “Church contrary, but I would celebrate the funeral of those who choose assisted suicide”

Original Italian here.

I would hasten to remind one and all who have been to a Novus Ordo funeral in the past… fifty years, what goes on. The deceased is effectively not prayed FOR, because that would be an insult to the “New and Everlasting Man”. The deceased is effectively canonized, that is, declared to be in the Beatific Vision – in heaven. No mention of Purgatory much less the possibility of hell. We commend all souls to Our Lord’s Infinite Mercy, even those who lived less-than-saintly lives, but with the understanding that His Justice is perfect, and even those who by His Grace make it through their Particular Judgments will almost all have to spend some time in Purgatory being “refined as gold” in order to have have all lingering attachment to their sins burned away so that they can enter into the full, unveiled presence of the Triune Godhead – Pure Love, Pure Truth, Pure Goodness. You can’t look God fully in the eye if you’re still a pigsty of sinful attachments and inclinations. Purgatory is what cleans all of that up. And our prayers act like soap and a scrub brush, helping the process along.

But think about what the Luciferian hopeful-Antipope Zuppi has said: he has said that a person who gives the ULTIMATE f-you to God as their final act gets a de facto canonization service. The True Church not only publicly denied funerals to suicides, they were denied burial in Catholic cemeteries which are CONSECRATED GROUND, and were often dumped in rivers, etc.

Harsh, you say? Think about it. To neutralize, much less glorify self-murder is the quintessence of SCANDAL. How many elderly Italians, lonely, depressed, and now terrified of “viruses”, and ultimately terrified of suffering will now murder themselves “nice and easy, you’ll just go to sleep…” because of what this grinning demon Zuppi has said?

Countless elderly Italians are BEGGING for permission to kill themselves. And now they actually believe that The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the BODY and BRIDE OF CHRIST has told them to go ahead and do it.

And they’ll go to hell for it, almost certainly, because if there is ONE THING that is at the top of the Natural Law, it is the prohibition against suicide.

If Antipope Bergoglio is allowed to die or “resign” without being called out as an Antipope, then this monster-with-a-grin Zuppi is gunning to be the next Antipope.

And to think that there are Trads who think this would be “great for us”. These people honestly think that the way to deal with Luciferians is to “play nice and make friends”. The mind reels.

The ONLY way out is through the TRUTH – Pope Benedict never validly resigned due to Substantial Error.

Let’s start calling Cardinal Burke to action, by name. And, of course, lift him up in prayer, because ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST OUR STRENGTH.


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