36 Years Ago, Homosexuality Had To Be Explained on TeeVee Because Many People Did Not Know That It Existed

I came across a clip that demonstrates just how intense the propagandizing and normalization of sexual perversion has been over the past few decades.  A lot of people today are young enough that they don’t remember a world in which sexual perversion was so rare, and so rightfully loathed by decent people (actually, it still is loathed by decent people – loathing sexual perversion is a requirement for human decency, it is just the number of decent people remaining that has changed), that it simply wasn’t discussed, and therefore many people simply were not aware of the sickening behaviors that are constantly displayed and glorified in every media genre, and aggressively taught in schools to children.  Yes, that’s right, YOUNG CHILDREN are being taught about sodomitical behaviors in school that just a few decades ago many people did not even know existed in the world.

This clip is from the wildly popular sit-com of the 1980s, “The Golden Girls”.  This particular episode ran in the early fall of ARSH 1986.  I remember it well. I was nine years old at the time, going on ten. 

The joke here is that Blanche confuses the words “lesbian” and “Lebanese”.  Stop and think about this.  This adult woman hears the word “lesbian” and doesn’t know what it means. 

Furthermore, the Blanche character’s main attribute was the fact that she was a wildly sexually promiscuous widow.  This wasn’t the country-bumpkin character (played by Betty White) who didn’t know the word “lesbian”, this was the uber-worldly slut, Blanche, who wasn’t quite aware of sodomy to the point of knowing the word “lesbian”… AND THIS JOKE WENT OVER WITH NO DIFFICULTY.  For a joke to be funny, there has to be at least a grain of plausibility to it.  This was plausible.

It was completely plausible 36 years ago to write a comedy scene in which a hyper-promiscuous upper middle-class widow in her mid-50s literally didn’t know what the word “lesbian” meant.

Looking back at “The Golden Girls”, it is clear that the “respectability” and implied social conservatism of the older women qua older women depicted on the show was aggressively leveraged in order to push and ratify sexual immorality and perversion of every stripe, including masturbation, sodomy and sexual self-mutilation (transsexualism).

The more I think about it, the more I settle on the idea that TeeVee went completely to hell when Don Knotts left the Andy Griffith Show. I think that can be called “the line”.  Year? ARSH 1965.  Boy, it’s almost as if something happened in the mid-1960s that caused a massive increase in the power and influence of the demonic….

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