Mailbag: Gentleman reader sends a companion piece on dressing for the counter-Revolution

Now that we have the ladies on-side and on-the-march, here is a piece by a reader that I thoroughly recommend on dressing well:

Counter-Revolt HARDER… Why Dressing Like a Real Man is Easier (and Way Cooler) than You Realize

One distinction I would like to make: when I envision gentlemen being well-dressed again, I am NOT talking about the gay-dandy look with bright, feminine colors, and especially NOT ridiculously cut trousers, pencil thin with inseams five inches too high. I’m talking about masculine suits – waistcoat, high waist trousers, full-cut leg, inseam that breaks and rests atop the top of the shoe, and the only possible bright color being the tie and/or pocket square. Perhaps a VERY subtle pin striped or checked fabric. Masculine.




Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.