Wherein Susan Matthiesen at Les Femmes the Truth Blog pretty much writes my words for me. This is tight.

The only critique is that it is just maybe a bit too credulous of Putin, but MAN, that’s the only thing I can come up with. If you aren’t following this blog, LES FEMMES – THE TRUTH , you should, because these dames are CLEARLY not blinded or fooled by the Sodo-Jew-WashingtonDeepState puppet Zelensky, which is far more than can be said for many other “Trad” grifters.  Most especially of the BiP variety.

Many people have asked why a certain layman masquerading as a “Franciscan friar” is NEVER mentioned on this blog. Welp… now you know. TOTAL GRIFTER. He should literally be in prison for his larcenous schemes. And I don’t care who he thinks the Pope is. The guy is a larcenous fraud – who is now trying to profiteer and GET LADS KILLED AS MERCENARY CANNON FODDER OF THE SODO-JEW ZELENSKY REGIME IN UKRAINE.  Thank God I’ve been able to warn all of the big players – for lack of a better term – off of him, and his damage at the levels of the Church that actually still matter has been totally neutralized.

ANYONE who doesn’t see through the Sodo-Jew Zelensky DeepState bee-ess should be totally written off and ignored. Period. No matter who they argue is Pope. Remember, there is error and infiltration EVERYWHERE in this fallen world, now probably in the End Times. Do EXACTLY what St. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 2: 15…. JUDGE EVERY ONE AND EVERYTHING. Use your End Times “Spidey-Sense”. And start with ME. Don’t give me the lint from your dryer filter if you get a bad “spidey-sense” about me. Money is too tight right now. Be absolutely RUTHLESS in your judgments of “online talking heads” like me. Ugh.

But the spiritual man judgeth all things; and he himself is judged of no man.
Spiritualis autem judicat omnia : et ipse a nemine judicatur.


“When people listen to the MSM it isn’t difficult to understand why the populace are sanctimoniously onboard the Nazi Ukraine Train, because nothing says ‘freedom’ like Nazism, praising and sieg heiling Zelensky while Western Globalist governments shower him with BILLIONS OF DOLLARS and WEAPONS because nothing says ‘peace’ more than war.

The minds of the people, their inner sanctum, their free will has been freely given over to the MSM and government exploiters in ‘the realm of the devil’. No one has coerced them. They freely place their minds in front of their TVs tuned into their favorite MSM propaganda programs and with copious amounts of laissez faire let their minds be succumbed with the hysteria of a more dominating will. In doing so, they become card-carrying exploiters themselves….

II – How’s that Consecration of Russia going for you?

Since Sr Lucia is no longer here to tell the world whether or not Heaven accepted the latest Consecration, frantically done 100 years after being asked, we have only the results of current events to tell which is “the realm of the devil” or the “realm of Christ” – meaning the side (the West vs Russia) who more adheres to the Moral Law – by who’s getting the Consecration blessings out there. Let’s add them up!

United States and the Collective West (EU, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and that country who keeps its citizens as coof prisoners, i.e., Canada):

–Drag queen shows at Taco Bell for inclusiveness lessons while we eat (because sin is appetizing)
–Selling baby brains, hearts and organs obtained though mutilating and tearing human babies apart inside their mother’s wombs
–Defining a man as a woman into law because liberals hate life
–Sodomy as a right because liberals love sin
–Hatred of their own country and culture because liberals must destroy anything good
–Stealing (elections, money, life, liberty, etc) because nothing says “democratically elected” more than a planned coup
–Hatred of God

No blessings will be forthcoming as long as every action of the Collective West stems from visceral hatred of God.


–Russia is winning the war in Ukraine despite the MSM’s lies trying to fool us
–Russian citizens love Russia and Russian culture
–Abortion is not advertised
–Record breaking wheat harvest (87 million tons expected) in Russia this year
–The ruble (according to Bloomberg) currently is the best performing currency in the world, dominating the dollar and euro
–Cheap gas, oil and food
–No inflation
–Christian culture
–Russian President has full cognitive function
–Plenty of baby formula on grocery shelves
–Russia can take care of the Russian people with the country’s own God-given resources
–Economy is booming

Russia has blessing after blessing because it’s as Christian a country as it gets in 2022, meaning that while Russia isn’t perfect, her leaders adhere closer to God’s Moral Law than other countries, especially the degenerate sodomitical West.

Do click over and read the whole thing.

The bottom line is that you simply cannot parse these days unless you fully comprehend that the post-Christian West, headquartered in Washington DC, IS THE BAD GUY.  OBVIOUSLY.


If you HAVE to choose a side in the Russia-Ukraine mess, take Putin (ugh-gross), but really, take NEITHER side except Jesus Christ and His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.

(Americans, I BEG you: accept that democracy, especially under the tissue-thin veil of “representative republic” is a total failure. Accept monarchy as the best governmental path in this fallen world; preferably, ELECTED MONARCHY, like the Papacy, and also like the Venetian Republic, which lasted for well over a millennium.  Voting is for the men of local trade guilds and NOTHING more overarching than that. Any society with women’s suffrage of any kind is 100% DOOMED – but then, I’ve been screeching this from the mountaintops since ARSH 2011….)

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.