Timestamps for Dr. Mazza’s fantastic interview on the John-Henry Westen Show

(NonVeniMark has helpfully timestamped the video for your viewing and sharing ease and pleasure!)

00:10 Archbishop Vigano questions Benedict’s resignation

03:45 +Msgr. Bux proposes investigation

05:10 +Fr. Gruner in 2014 declares Benedict’s resignation invalid

05:45 Video of +Gruner

09:10 Power is tied to Office

10:30 Canon law itself tells us that a papal resignation can indeed be invalid

11:00 Unpacking the Latin of Benedict’s Declaratio

13:00 Munus vs Ministerium

15:15 The crisis of Ecclesiology

16:00 Bishop Arrieta on Munus vs Ministerium

18:10 Lewis and Short won’t cut it

19:00 Slowikowska on the criticality of context

20:40 Substantial Error explained

24:00 Benedict’s last General Audience

24:36 Always and Forever

25:30 Passive vs Active exercise of the Munus

27:00 Seewald money question and answer

28:26 Benedict: “The Office enters into your very being.”

32:00 Benedict: “There were no black cassocks available.”

33:30 Vatican II says, in a nouvelle way, that bishops have the power to govern solely by the fact of their consecration, not by papal mandate/jurisdiction

38:00 If Benedict believes his papal power stems back to his episcopal consecration, he believes he can never lose it

40:00 If you are resigning, you need to resign all of it, and understand you are no longer “papal” in any way

41:30 JPII says there is no such thing as Pope Emeritus

44:00 On splitting Vicar of Christ from Bishop of Rome

46:00 There can be no Vicar Emeritus… that’s heresy

48:00 All of this is Substantial Error

49:00 Does this mean his acceptance of the papacy was also invalid?

52:00 If Benedict is pope, are all of Bergoglio’s appointments invalid?

53:45 St. Cajetan on what schism is not

54:15 F. X. Werner and P. Vidal on what schism is not

55:00 Fr. Kramer’s “On the True and False Pope”

55:30 Dr. Radaelli “He is Pope, Not the Other”

56:00 Speculation on motive

58:00 Fr. Malachi Martin money quote on the False Pope

59:00 Prophecy of St. Malachy

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