Anti-Papal faux-consecration Bingo Card

How many of the following will make an appearance at this Freemasonic monstrosity?

-Non-Catholic clergy

-Jewish rabbi

-musloid imam

-South American pagan witch/witch doctor



-Hollywood/Pop Music celebrity

-“Buona sera”

-“Bishop of Rome”

-“Great Reset”

-declining to give a blessing so as not to offend non-believers

-declaration that Eastern Orthodoxy is of equal dignity to Catholicism

-declaration that all human beings regardless of beliefs are “the Communion of Saints”

-personification/deification of the Earth

-declaration that war is always morally impermissible under every circumstance

-Masonic burqa (facemask)


-LGBT representation

-Pachamama statue

-Black Pachamama bowl

-the Stang (triple word score)

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.