Hellmice, Hellmice everywhere.

NonVeni Mark continues his crusade to help expose the Molochian cannibalism of shifting human pharmaceutical production to a method requiring countless fresh human infant organs. They want everyone dependent upon ingesting human babies for their “health”.

Here are links Mark’s fourth and fifth entries in the series.

Mice from Hell 4

Mice from Hell 4.0: Just how big is the market for Humanized Mice? What is a good test to find out?

Hint: A really good indicator of market size and competition between brands is when you type a subject into your browser and the first several items that pop up are not actual search results, but rather ads.

Folks, this is big, BIG business. All these companies have popped up with personalized brands of mice to sell to research labs, most certainly including DARPA and CCP. Keep in mind, there are trade secrets and proprietary information at play here, so while everything made public on a website is totally declassified, the more advanced “technology” remains yet hidden. Can you imagine? What we can see easily in a few clicks doesn’t even scratch the surface of what is really going on….

Mice from Hell 5

Hell Mice part 5: Brains, Spleens, whatever your desire, we’ve got a mouse flavor for you: “Hurry, BOGO specials if you act now”

Who is up for baby human brain transplantation?

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