UPDATED: Yes, Justin Trudeau is seriously Fidel Castro’s son. This isn’t a joke. Canada is literally conquered and under a dictatorship of Fidel Castro’s bastard, who is a murderous Communist psychopath just like his padre.

Pierre Trudeau started dating Margaret Sinclair in ARSH 1968 when she was 18 and he was the 48 year old Prime Minister of Canada. Margaret Sinclair was psychologically unstable and a sex pervert like Pierre Trudeau, who was also a closet Communist. Trudeau and Sinclair were “swingers” – perverts partaking in orgies, and Trudeau was an enthusiastic cuckold, enjoying watching other men fornicating with his fiancé/wife.

Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Sinclair married in March ARSH 1971 and honeymooned in the Caribbean where they met up with their Communist idol Fidel Castro. Castro, like most Communists, was also a sex pervert and engaged in orgies and cuckoldry with Pierre and Margaret Trudeau ON THEIR HONEYMOON.

Nine months later in December ARSH 1971 Justin “Trudeau” was born.

As anyone can obviously see from the photographs below, Justin Trudeau is Castro’s son. They are nearly identical in physiognomy. It isn’t even debatable.

Also note the attached picture of Pierre and Margaret Trudeau visiting Castro, and Margaret Trudeau’s clear physical intimacy with the mass-murdering Communist Dictator of Cuba.

Yes, in complete seriousness, Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s biological son, and like his father, Trudeau is a Communist dictator and monster, and mass-murderer. Nuremberg 2.0 can’t happen soon enough.

Puts a different spin and urgency on what the Truckers are doing, eh? Pray for the Truckers.

This is Margaret Trudeau looking on with clear satisfaction as father and son are reunited.

UPDATE: I mean… WOW. Señor Castreau y su Papí.

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