New Brazilian study on Ivermectin as a prophylaxis adds “antibacterial” and “anti-protozoan” to Ivermectin’s attributes.


If you haven’t read the story of the discovery of Ivermectin by Satoshi Omura, that full post is here.  But I will repeat: NO SAMPLE OF THE BACTERIA THAT PRODUCE IVERMECTIN HAS EVER BEEN FOUND IN THE WILD SINCE OMURA’S COMPLETELY RANDOM SAMPLE TAKEN FROM HIS GOLF COURSE IN TOKYO.

Sit in stillness with that.

Every picogram of Ivermectin that exists in the world today comes from that ONE, RANDOM SOIL SAMPLE from Omura’s golf course.

Now, in addition to Ivermectin’s known anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-tumoric and anti-inflammatory properties, we can also add antibacterial and anti-protozoan to the list.

It is precisely because this stuff is as close to a “miracle drug” as you can get that BigPharma buried it as a third-world anti-parasitic and now as a “horse dewormer”.

Note the PROPHYLACTIC dosage regime in this study: 0.2 mg/kilo (the bottom blue line on our chart) for two consecutive days, every 15 days.  I like the two consecutive days.  I’ve been doing one dose every ten days (roughly) but will now switch to this dosage regime of two consecutive prophylactic doses every two weeks. Seems very reasonable. And most importantly, IT ISN’T GOING TO HURT.

I have received enough emails from people reporting HUGE and completely unexpected anti-inflammatory effects from taking Ivermectin (my favorite so far has been from the woman suffering from crippling achilles tendonitis for over two years – completely and unexpectedly cleared up upon taking Ivermectin for suspected Coof) to be keen on Ivermectin basically as a kind of pseudo-vitamin supplement.  The fact that people have experienced huge anti-inflammatory effects that they had absolutely no mental expectation of tells me that the placebo effect is NOT in play here.The woman was completely shocked that her tendonitis was GONE one morning shortly after she started dosing Ivermectin.  In my experience, tendonitis doesn’t suddenly clear up by itself. It is a months-long process without any pharmacological intervention.

I hope this helps.


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