Q&A: Dear Ann, My jerk brother-in-law doctor says you can’t dose injectable drugs orally.

(Paraphrased to protect anonymity)

Q: My brother-in-law, who is a jerk, and also a doctor, says you can’t take intramuscular drugs orally in a 1:1 dosage.

A: Your M.D. brother-in-law is not only a jerk, but also a mid-wit.

The 1% injectable livestock solution of Ivermectin is NOT NOT NOT an intramuscular injection, but rather is a SUB-CUTANEOUS injection. As it says, in rather large print, right there on the bottle, and on every website and written description of the product.

Sub-cutaneous, or “Sub-Q” for short, is the method of injection whereby the the product is delivered UNDER THE SKIN. This is done by pinching the skin to form a pocket and then inserting the needle and depositing the product into that pocket, NOT into muscle.  This is by far the preferred method of delivery of injectable drugs into livestock, because sub-q injections do not leave any blemish or knot in the muscle tissue – which is MEAT – that is unsightly and generally has to be cut out if the muscle cut is going to be sold whole and not ground into hamburger or sausage. MANY human injections are also formulated to be Sub-Q.

Because Sub-Q injections are basically absorbed into the body in a way very similar to taking a drug orally, YES, Sub-Q injection formulations CAN be dosed in equal proportion when taken orally in many cases, including in the case of Ivermectin.

As Dr. Beep and Nurse Claire have told us on many occasions now, the stunning ineptitude and functional ignorance of today’s doctors is truly terrifying.  The doctor brother-in-law of the emailer lacks functional knowledge that is literally DAY ONE information in med school AND nursing school AND paramedic school: Sub-Q vs Intramuscular injection. Furthermore this information is known and understood by basically every animal husbandman today.  The emailer’s jerk doctor BIL should have instantly assumed that the Ivermectin 1% solution is a Sub-Q preparation, and if he had any doubt, he should have just LOOKED AT THE BOTTLE OR ANY ONLINE LISTING. It’s RIGHT THERE.

So yes, you ABSOLUTELY take the 1% injectable livestock solution in a 1:1 dose ORALLY, per bodyweight. Treatment dose is 3mL per 110 pounds of body weight for five days or until symptoms abate, plus the Vitamin suite, (C, D, Zinc, quercetin, etc.)

So there you go.  I hope the emailer asks her snoot mid-wit death-injected BIL how his student loan payoff is going….

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