Mailbag: DO NOT HESITATE with the Ivermectin.


I want to ask you to please remind your readers not to be afraid to pull 
the trigger on actually using Ivermectin as soon as you suspect you have 

My wife and I, and two very close friends and their wives, all got Covid
at the same time, but not from each other.  We were all prepared with
Ivermectin.  My wife is 70 years old, and I’m 63. We took ours even
before we had the test results, and both of us recovered in under 4
days.  My wife had a fever for less than a day, and the sniffles for a
few days.  I had a fever for about 3 days and then felt better, although
my cough lingered at a very low level for about 2 weeks.

On the other hand, one friend and his wife struggled through it for a
week before taking the Ivermectin.  He ended up in the hospital for 2
weeks, and has been struggling with breathing ever since.  He is very
athletic, and was in excellent physical condition, having trained
assiduously for the ski season.  Now he can barely walk across the room
without getting winded. Fortunately he is improving, but it’s been very

My other friend and his wife also hesitated to pull the trigger until it
was too late.  She has a comorbid lung condition and is still
recovering, but her husband, my close friend, was overweight and
diabetic.  He passed away a week before Christmas.  Not only did they
hesitate to take the Ivermectin, but they did not have enough.

I asked them both why they hesitated, and it was because of the cost.
The Ivermectin I got (human, not farm), is $115 per box, each box being
24 pills, 6 mg each [Price gouging – that’s $0.80 per milligram. At that price, the 500mL bottles of the 1% injectable solution that I buy and give away, which contain 5000 milligrams of Ivermectin per bottle, would have a street value of $4000. -AB]  For me, it takes about 1 1/2 boxes for a full
course of treatment.  So it’s not cheap, and I understand why they
wanted to keep it “until they really need it.”  What they didn’t realize
is that the time “they really need it” is as soon as they think they’ve
got it, even before the test results come back.

Please emphasize EARLY treatment!

Also, I work for a health system in the Mid-Atlantic area.  I see the
Covid stats in our hospitals multiple times per day.  I’ve been watching
the relative percentages of “vaccinated” vs. “unvaccinated” patients
with Covid in our hospitals for months.  Back in early December, the
percentage of “vaccinated” patients with Covid in our hospitals was
hovering between 25% and 30%, with under 5% of them requiring ventilation.

Boy has it changed!  There has been a dramatic spike in patients
admitted WITH Covid (not FOR Covid).  We have about 500% more patients
with Covid than we did at the beginning of December.  But the real
story, as far as I am concerned, is that the relative percentages of
“vaccinated” vs. “unvaccinated” have dramatically shifted.

As of this morning, 50% of our Covid patients are “vaccinated” and 50%
are “unvaccinated”.  Out of all the Covid patients in the ICU, 37% are
“vaccinated”.  Out of all the patients on ventilators, almost 40% are
“vaccinated”.  This is from a sample size of about 600 patients.  Also,
as the percentage of “vaccinated” Covid patients has risen, so has the
percentage of ventilator patients who are “vaccinated”.  Now the
percentage of “vaccinated” Covid patients on ventilators is 8%.

Practically every clinical person in this health system sees these
numbers every time they log into the Electronic Medical Record.  So they
know what’s happening.  There’s no way they don’t.

“A pandemic of the unvaccinated” is a bunch of horse s***!

Thanks for all the good work you do.  If you choose to publish any of
this information, please do not use my name.



p.s., My friend who died received Last Rites and the Apostolic Pardon.
Praised be Jesus Christ!

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