Mailbag: Canada Is An Apostate Aboriginal Abbattoir

[I did MANY huge Cattle Marketing Schools (100+ attendees) in western Canada: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  I did numerous schools in Saskatoon, at the Delta Bessborough Hotel.  THIS PICTURE is the ballroom that I would fill to capacity with classroom seating, and then have to return two weeks later for another school with the overflow enrollments. Arriving at the Bessborough for the first time in ARSH 2007, the taxi driver told me to NOT LEAVE THE GROUNDS OF THE HOTEL because downtown Saskatoon was a war zone of First Nations gangbangers.  -AB)


In regard to your speculation about proportion of First Nations victims [of abortion in Canada], I have no way of knowing, and very much doubt any of the clinics would divulge such information. Nevertheless, my educated guess is your suspicion is correct. Winnipeg and Regina are noted for their large aboriginal populations, and I would expect Saskatoon is similar. So it’s a ‘target-rich environment’ at least.

One of my long-held impressions is that indigenous people are more prominent in Canadian society and culture than in America – even when adjusting for their much larger relative demographic weight. One might assume this is because of economic factors, but I am doubtful. I suspect it can be explained by the historical absence of a large visible minority in Canada. When white guilt became en vogue some decades ago, it was necessary for obnoxious white leftists (do I repeat myself?) to cast their nets for ersatz black folks. After reeling in the catch, the best candidates, for a variety of reasons, were found to be Native Indians.

There have been two lines of attack. The first is the murdered and missing indigenous women issue. Most of the perps probably came from their own communities, but it is pinned on the majority population. The second issue is residential schools (analogous to the stolen generations in Australia). As you may be aware, a certain Roman Church ran these institutions and is being pressed for apologies and reparations.

I am sure you can sense parallels with America. You have the decoy issues of slavery and police brutality to distract from the elephants in the room: illegitimacy, moral degeneracy, and their effects – gang violence and infanticide. It follows the same anti-logic as coronascam: collapse the global economy, kill millions and harm billions for the sake of saving a few thousand people near the ends of their lives. Or burn down the village to save the village, if you prefer.

All of these things are different shades of lipstick for the pig of extortion rackets. The tribes have their chiefs living high on the hog while the reservations go without potable water or functioning infrastructure. The hood has Al Sharpton. The medical-pharma industrial complex has Capo di Tutti Capi Fauxi. (Inputs: unlimited authority and zero accountability. Outputs: tyrants.) And all of them have legions of middlemen inserting themselves into the bureaucratic chain to get their cuts.

One thing we learned long ago: pay the Danegeld and you don’t get rid of the Dane. It just makes the problem worse because the parasites will demand more. We saw this over and over with public teachers unions and are in the midst of a 22-month (and counting) remedial lesson that most people are failing.

Finally, I would point out that while autochthonous people have a fairly prominent role in the narrative, most people have very little interaction with them. Many are concentrated on reservations outside the larger cities, while most of the remainder are on the margins of society. This is an ideal profile for the target population of a human trafficking program because it is much easier to hide their disappearances.

N.B. If a city really has one abortuary per 15-20K people, I’m inclined to think abortion is no longer the primary business, it has been supplanted by organ harvesting (which is surely more profitable). Otherwise I doubt there would be enough demand to keep all of them in business. This practice is a specialty of the PRC, although they often harvest from adults who might at least have some modest ability to resist.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.