Mailbag: “Commies on one side and cucktrolled ‘opposition’ on the other, with globalists owning both factions…”

(I’m obliged to post excellent letter for use of the new term “cucktrolled”. Ah, language. Never a dull moment. -AB)


I recently listened to your last podcast on the abortion-to-pharma pipeline, and have some thoughts.

First, your guest was off on the population by an order of magnitude: Saskatoon has roughly 300K people living in the urban area (yes, but still – SEVENTEEN abortuaries?? I’d be VERY interested to see how many of those babies are “First Nations”. Ain’t NOBODY talking about THAT.) I would also point out that there were several points made that possibly illuminate more than you’d think.

One example: some of the researchers you cited came from a lab in the western plains or mountain states. One Angela Rasmussen, however, was at Georgetown. It seems unimportant, but the fact someone would relocate from one of the trendiest areas of the imperial capital to a small, isolated foreign outpost that is probably colder than Fargo or Duluth tells me this is a very big deal to these people. Most of them are status-seekers and strivers: it’s the sort of move none would make absent the highest stakes.

During your discussion you brought up the point that the coviet rulers are using clotshots to rope in the moronic majority while they have monoclonal antibodies for the normie minority (a.k.a. Q-tards). I could be mistaken, but I find this a bit reminiscent of a point you made months ago when quoting Albert Pike. The technique was essentially Hegelian: oppose Christianity to atheism to produce luciferianism/freemasonry. The analogy is imperfect, but it’s essentially a heads-we-win-tails-you-lose strategy – in military terms, a pincer movement. A false dichotomy that provides the illusion of choice. This is essentially the recurring and monolithic political pattern found in every Western nation going back decades. Commies on one side and cucktrolled “opposition” on the other, with globalists owning both factions. That there is no regional deviation from this paradigm except in minor and inconsequential details implies as you suggested direction from the highest levels (i.e. satan). These people have no originality because they’re plugged into the same hive-mind, like slaves or drone insects.

Another point you’ve been hammering at for a while is the likely denial of financial services. You might have heard that Ezra Levant (Rebel Media) just recently made a down payment on a property to consolidate his news operations. The deal was rejected by head office after being approved by regional RBC officials; the applicant’s politics were referenced in the decision.

BTW, canaduh is largely controlled by foreign interests now*. It’s six months old but in the summer there was a story about two PRC scientists being expelled from a high-security level-4 biolab one province east of Saskatoon. The government was at that time seeking a court order to avoid releasing unredacted documents to the House of Commons on national security grounds. One of the dismissed scientists was said to have sent viral samples to Wuhan in 2019.

*Primarily India and the PRC. Contra your comments early in the podcast, America’s influence is waning.


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