Wherein Bo Duke (my boyfriend from ’79-’81) exposes Alec Baldwin as a murderer

Alec Baldwin is a walking masterclass in Diabolical Narcissism.  This has been well-known for decades. When he shot those people, I figured that he was being careless, and that like any Diabolical Narcissist he immediately started blaming everyone for what was clearly his fault and responsibility.

But John Schneider, the actor who played Bo Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard, and by all accounts one of the most decent human beings in Hollywood, is also smart as a whip.  In this video, my old boyfriend (circa ’79-’81) makes an incredibly important point: Baldwin wasn’t at any point surprised that the gun went off, and claims that he had absolutely no idea for 45 minutes that the people he had just shot at point-blank range were even injured.

This is Juicy Smoolyay-level lying.

Schneider states the obvious: if a gun were to actually “misfire” in your hand, it would SCARE THE CRAP out of you, no matter who you were.  Nah.  Baldwin pulled the trigger and knew the gun would fire.  The question is, did he know it was a live round, or did he think it was a blank. Was he trying to scare Hutchins, or was he trying to kill her?

And so, what this does is re-open the very distinct possibility that Baldwin’s killing of Hutchins was something INCREDIBLY DARK.  It should be noted with increased interest that Hutchins’ next scheduled project was a documentary on pedophilia in Hollywood.

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