Mailbag: The Paramedic Purge – “This is the intentional destruction of our healthcare system. This is genocide.”


My husband is a retired fire chief (53 years in the fire service) and today had lunch with a deputy fire chief from a neighboring department in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. His friend shared that his department has just been informed by their local trauma hospital (Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge) that any of the fire department paramedics who are unvaxxed will no longer be allowed to transport patients to the hospital effective immediately. The hospital systems run the certification programs for paramedics and therefor wield a lot of power over them. In our area, paramedics are crossed-trained to be firefighters.

My husband’s friend was scheduled to attend a meeting with his town’s HR department later to discuss firing the 4 paramedics who are unvaxxed, unless they comply. The Fire Departments in other towns only have vax rates of 20-50%. There will be a lot of firings, because most fire chiefs and towns will not stand up to these hospital bullies and these unvaxxed paramedics will not comply and will be fired.

Almost all of the suburban Chicago hospitals are owned by just two entities. That means that with their absolute control of paramedic certification and need for medicare compliance, hundreds of paramedics could very soon be fired in our area. There won’t be enough left of them to man the ambulances. People will die when ambulances aren’t available. BTW it takes about 3 years for a new person to complete paramedic training. This is probably happening all around the country.

Now who will want these jobs? Even before covid, few people were leaping at these jobs, even with the great pay and hours. These paramedics are run ragged during their 24 hr shifts. They deal with life and death. They see blood and guts. They are thrown up on, peed and pooped on, and bled on. They have drugged out people try to stab and shoot them. They all develop depression, anxiety disorders, and PTSD from the trauma they experience. They die 10 years sooner than other professions due to the constant stress. During the past year-plus they have heroically continued to serve, exposing themselves to covid infection. Now those who refuse medical tyranny will be shunned and kicked to the curb. They will lose their means of support and their pensions. And all of us around the country will suffer and see loved ones die due to lack of advanced medical care given in the ambulance.

This is the intentional destruction of our healthcare system. This is genocide.

I hope you will let your readers know what is happening to their paramedics, so they can pray for these brave men and women and brace for the days to come. Thank you for keeping us all informed and focused on our only source of hope and salvation, our Almighty Father.



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