Mailbag: The Next Thing They Are Going To Attempt To Blame on Ivermectin Is Male Sterilization

(REMINDER: There have been 4 billion human doses of Ivermectin dispensed mostly over-the-counter in Africa, Asia and South America since the late 1980s – literally the highest birthrate areas in the world. And the next propaganda push is that it causes male sterility.  We know what’s going on here, folks.  As I called it in the spring of ARSH 2020, the CoronaScam and DeathInjection is all about population reduction, through an ADE and probable graphene poisoning, AND because the Gates Foundation already has a well-established track record of using the lying guise of “vaccines” as a means to deliver sterilants. This is also why the whole “mandatory boosters every few months” plan is being rolled out.  Yes, it’s about shifting trillions of dollars to BigPharma and the government taking total control of the economy, BUT in order to sterilize a population, multiple doses must be given. Sterilization regimens take time and repetition. So they are absolutely doing this, and will try to pin the blame for the sterilization on anything and everything, from Ivermectin to “global warming”. Barring supernatural intervention, THE CORONA PUTSCH WILL NEVER END without hot war.-AB) 

Morning Ann,

I wanted to let you know that I did catch my husband’s illness and began taking the Ivermectin horse paste right away. I felt lethargic, my entire body was aching from inflammation, and it felt like I had a severe sinus infection to top it all off. Forty-five minutes after swallowing a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a topping of miracle paste, ALL of my inflammation was gone and my energy had returned! Any headache I had vanished. My only lingering symptom was a slightly sore throat. I repeated this for a total of three doses each 48 hours apart and completely recovered in six days.

Also, my five month old breastfeeding baby was just as happy and healthy as ever. No adverse reactions at all for either of us.

I was telling people about it before my husband and I got sick, but having our own testimonies taking Ivermectin has made us even more aware of the scandal that’s being fledged. In fact, my grandfather, who is an emergency physician, heard our story through another family member, and has since been prescribing it!

One last thing I wanted to share with you is a link to an article alleging that Ivermectin causes sterilization in men. The propaganda is strong with this one:

Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do!

God Bless,

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