Mailbag: People’s Republic of Kalipornia Dad manfully doses sick son and family with Ivermectin. All totally healthy within a week.

Before we get to the mailbag, NonVeni Mark over at the NonVeniPacem blog has an important post just up about confirmation of the ADE and the whole DeathJab Poison causing CoronaViridae to be far more dangerous.  NonVeni Mark pretty much broke that information well over a year ago.  If you haven’t bookmarked his blog, and aren’t checking it daily, you really should.  He has done legit YEOMAN’S WORK on the Holocough AND on the Bergoglian Antipapacy – the two seemingly unconnected streams now coming into ever-sharper focus daily as being TOTALLY, DEEPLY CONNECTED on a preternatural level.  It was NonVeni Mark who discovered the now-infamous Miller Dissertation. Who says bald middle-aged men can’t throw down?

Hello Ann,

Greetings from The People’s Republic of Kalifornia, Northern Region! I’m a frequent reader of your blog and have been for many years. Just wanted to send you a quick note on our recent experience with ivermectin.

My 17 year old son was at a gathering with many young people from our church the week before last (7/28-7/31) and came home with the convid. Here is the timeline of events:

7/31: 17 y/o son comes home from four day gathering.

8/1: Son feeling a bit off.

8/2: Son comes home from work early with bad headache, sore throat, fatigue.

8/3: Son now vomiting much, other symptoms worsening. He is very sick. We receive word that convid infected people were at gathering. We are concerned as he is asthmatic. Whole household takes 1st dose of ivermectin. I, (53 y/o) am starting to feel crummy with similar though much less severe symptoms.

8/4: Son is still very sick and not taking fluids. We are worried about him. I still feel crummy but not worsening.

8/5: Son’s work requires him to be tested, test comes back positive. He’s feeling better though, as am I. We all take second dose.

8/6: Son is back on his feet, no vomiting, just fatigue.

8/7: Son greatly improved, ready to get out and about. We are all symptom free.

My son is the worst of us about taking his vitamins. We do A, C, D, and zinc daily (along with others). My wife never did feel any symptoms.

This stuff works. I wish more people would listen. Thanks for all you do.

Folks, buy as much Ivermectin as you can ASAP.  I’m buying ANOTHER 1500mL of the 1% livestock INJECTABLE for oral dosing at 1 mL per 110 pounds of bodyweight today.  And guys, give it away like you’re made of it.  People need help.  It’s on US to man-up and step-up.

What a time to be alive.  Deo gratias.

And for Team Pony Paste:

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