I just ordered another 800 doses of Ivermectin. How is your day going?

I took my regular monthly dose of Ivermectin yesterday. I took it in water, just to see how the taste experience was. Honestly? I just barely tasted it, in about an ounce of water. And then I did another ounce of water just to rinse the glass.

But, by all means, continue with ALL preferred “solutions” and “admixtures”. With my sincere best regards and assurance of prayers. 💪🏻😁👍

(Remember, Ivermectin is off-patent, like aspirin, so the brand doesn’t matter. It’s all the same. Just like Wal-Mart aspirin is exactly the same as Bayer aspirin. Just buy it at the best price – the 1% livestock injectable solution to drink orally at 1mL per 110 lbs of body weight, or the horse paste.)

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