Ferocious Call-out of the Covid and DeathJab Crime Against Humanity by a Canadian M.D. Pathologist; Heart Inflammation and Young Men Dropping from Heart Attacks (Including a Danish Soccer Player)

I know there are a lot of videos going around, but this one is worth the time. This Canadian doctor, pathologist, and executive delivers one of the most intense warnings I’ve yet seen with a profound gravitas and urgency. Watch and share.

If you’re not aware of it, a Danish professional soccer player had a heart attack and dropped like a rag in the middle of a match a couple of days ago. They had to do CPR and compressions on him right on the soccer pitch in front of the entire stadium. He survived, but the media in Europe is doing circus-level contortions to avoid saying what everyone knows: these soccer players, traveling internationally within the EU for away games, have almost certainly been recently injected with the DeathJab – which has clear cardiac and blood clotting risks.

Cardiac damage, chronic blood clotting, infertility. And we haven’t even hit the Fall 2021 cold and flu season. Will the imbeciles injected with the DeathJab go into cytokine storm as soon as their permanently altered immune systems are confronted with standard seasonal cold and flu viruses?

-90% human population reduction within a matter of a few decades as the openly stated goal of the oligarchs running the post-Christian west.

-Megalomaniacal psychopath eugenicists, a few of which are involved in the literal cult worship of Satan.

-An apostate Christendom that has descended into a cult of sodomy, pedophilia and child sacrifice that would have made Sodom and Gomorrah blush.

-An apostate Antipope sitting in Rome, actively building an obvious Freemasonic-Sodomite Antichurch while tirelessly trying to destroy the True Church from within, openly in bed with and actively supporting everything outlined above.

“Apostasy from the top…”

“Entire nations will be annihilated…”

“When all seems totally lost, my Immaculate Heart will triumph…”

Stay confessed. Crawl over broken glass (or sit in an annex) to be present at the Holy Sacrifice. As the Iconostasis and Rood Screens used in all Catholic Churches for many, many centuries and to this day prove, being present at the Holy Sacrifice is NOT about having a direct, line-of-sight view of the altar. It’s about going to Calvary and being at Calvary, even if you don’t get a proverbial “front row seat”.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.