Freely-chosen negligence stemming from Social Media, Gaming and Pornography addiction is the real National Security infrastructure risk. Hackers can’t hack pipelines or meatpackers if workstation computers aren’t wide-open to the internet.

Denninger nails it. All of this hacking and ransom ware crap that has become a legit threat to national security and human life on a mass scale is totally unnecessary and preventable and is happening only because employers are terrified of cutting their employees off from the social media, gaming and pornography addictions in the workplace.


Because pretty much everyone, from the guy scrubbing the toilets to the entire C-suite, are all addicted to some combination of SOCIAL MEDIA, GAMING and PORNOGRAPHY.

The issue here isn’t the hackers. The issue is the suicidal, freely-chosen negligence of ADDICTS and EFFEMINATES.

But, muh, half the employees would quit if we took away internet access inside building!”

“Yes, but those who remained would be 150% more productive, so you’d actually be overstaffed….”

Remember folks, everything happening in the collapse of the post-Christian West is SELF-INFLICTED, and almost all problems could be solved very, very easily. This is what happens when a culture nose-dives into godlessness, sloth and effeminacy. Sin makes you stupid. As in, as Denninger likes to say, so stupid that things like flush toilets and electric lighting become unsustainable from a purely logistical and the simplest maintenance and security standpoints.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.