Barnhardt Podcast #146: Nurse Claire Dispatches from the Front

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In this episode, Ann is joined by Nurse Claire who is bursting with new information and warnings from the frontlines of the Covidic political-religious war. We address the scientific reality of viral and spike protein shedding, the massive, undeniable skyrocketing in clotting and strokes, a huge drop-off in maxi-pad demand in Africa, and other anecdotal evidence- which is all we can go on when the health and Pharma combines, government and media are all dishonest and malignant actors. Nurse Claire also tears to shreds the truly ridiculous argument that the injections are “morally licit” even though they contain or are tested on aborted children. Finally, Nurse Claire issues a stern warning against the disturbing overlap between anti-injection doctors who appear good on the surface…and the occult and New-Age Gnosticism and medical quackery, shades of Q2.0 complete with breathless promises of “forthcoming arrests and trials” and “mind control”. You won’t want to miss this jam-packed episode.

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