JP nails it once again. Covidism is a religion, utterly satanic in its inversion, a cult of FEAR, and FEAR IS ANTICHRISTIC

The most frequently repeated theme in both the Old and New Testaments, and from Our Lord Himself in the Gospels isn’t “be nice” or anything like that. The most frequently repeated theme in scripture is BE NOT AFRAID.

So, if one works off the base premise that the Covid religion is the final iteration of Freemasonry, the final attempt at a satanic One World Government and One World Antichurch, with Antipope Bergoglio probably being the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, it makes perfect sense that the creed of this satanic political religion would be FEAR – the exact inverse and ape of Jesus Christ and the One True Faith.

Fear and anxiety are indicators that there is something seriously wrong and profoundly disordered with a person on the psycho-spiritual level.

The cure for fear and anxiety is simple: BELIEVING AND PRACTICING THE CATHOLIC FAITH. That is, going to Mass – daily, if possible. Adoration – daily, if possible. And, of course, praying the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Co-Redemptrix.

Please note that pounding “satan’s vitamins”, aka Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Prozac, Valium, etc) and/or getting pickled daily on liquor is NOT, believe it or not, a substitute for… GOING TO MASS and PRAYING. But then, I have no degree in theology, so, I’m probably just spitballing here… 🤨

All living decisions should revolve first and foremost, and frankly by a mile relative to ANY other concerns, around these priorities. Especially now. If that means that a person has to flee their country (cough, Ireland, cough, Canada) then do it. Priority one is God. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else will be added unto you.

He’s not kidding, folks.

Be. Not. Afraid.

And stay the hell away from people who are in love with and addicted to fear, most especially their own. Fear is ANTICHRISTIC.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.