How about some REALLY good news with regards to The Church? Fr. John Corapi is in a monastery, doing penance, and will die in prayer and repentant silence. This is the best possible outcome.

Full reportage here from Seriously folks, this is great news. Now the Corapi saga is finally put to bed in the worldly sense, and everyone should thank God, and move on.

The truth is, Fr. Corapi might be doing WAY more good and calling down far more graces upon this world, praying in penitential silence as a monk priest than he ever did being on EWTN and packing arenas. Seriously folks, the Divine Economy is unfathomable and largely hidden to our eyes.

Pray, as I do every day, for ALL fallen priests, especially those living in sickening public scandal, Fr. Thomas Williams (now of Breitbart) first among them. All priests will stand before Christ at their Particular Judgments AS PRIESTS, and bishops AS BISHOPS. It is a terrifying thought, which sadly, hardly any priests or bishops truly believe or take the least bit seriously. It seems that Fr. Corapi has. Thank God.

    I was told by the superior general of his order (SOLT), Father Peter Marsalek, back in 2016 as we were driving from the airport to speak at a Catholic parish that Father Corapi had reconciled with his order. He’s living the life of a monk in a monastery and has medical problems. He will never speak in public again—by his choice and his superior’s choice as well.

    I’m a friend of Father Corapi. He told me he wanted to end his life as a monk and he’s now living out his express desires. This is where he saw himself in his senior years: full-time prayer and penance.

    There are some who say, “What a hypocrite; he didn’t live what he preached.” The Holy Bible makes it very clear that none of us are perfect. We are all sinners in need of God’s mercy.

    Psalm 129:3-4, If thou, O Lord, wilt mark iniquities: Lord, who shall stand it. For with thee there is merciful forgiveness: and by reason of thy law, I have waited for thee, O Lord. My soul hath relied on his word.

    In other words, if God judged all our actions based on strict justice, we would all be going to hell. But God is merciful to those who repent. Father Corapi has repented and lives the life of a monk, praying and doing penance for his sins and the sins of the world.

    Virgin most powerful, pray for him.

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