Thermonuclear: CDC announces that infections in the already DeathVaxxed thralls will only be counted and investigated IF the PCR test cycle threshold is under 28 cycles… which would have eliminated over 90% of the fake “cases” used as ceaseless fear porn for the past 15 months.

Brazen. Right in your face. But their greatest rush is watching you, studying you as you… do NOTHING. Hell, many people will actively lie to shill, justify and cover for them – cover for their own brutal rapists, mutilators, jailers and murderers.

Is it Stockholm Sydrome? No, far worse.

It is a religion. Covidism is THE final, global false religion. Covidism is THE Antichurch and the Totalitarian global political machine at its side. Hence the overthrown Vatican and Antipope Bergoglio’s slavering shilling for it.

The PCR tests have been intentionally done with scientifically invalidating excessive replication cycles of the sample material which generated 95% false positives for… a cold.

Now, as the DeathJabbed thralls come down with the selfsame cold that the Holy DeathJab and ONLY THE HOLY DEATHJAB can ever, ever cure, suddenly PCR tests for the post-DeathJabbed will be processed so as to eliminate fully 90% of the false positives that were used as ceaseless terror porn for the past 15 months of non-stop frenzied Covid masturbatory public cult orgies before the great masked Molochian golden calf.

And remember, their greatest font of diabolical satisfaction, flowing with the force of a thousand Hoover spillways, is the sight of you watching them openly do it to you… and you doing exactly SHIT ALL to stop them.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.