Mailbag: A Nurse checks in

Hi Ann,

I’m a longtime reader & listener, and I have grown immensely over the years from your wisdom and insight. Thank you for what you do.

I’m also a nurse so I listened to episode #144 with great interest! I wanted to add my own COVID SCAMdemic experiences to help call more attention to the giant deception taking place. I’ve attached for your interest an article that appeared in the Washington Post earlier this month. As you can see, not only was there scamming going on on the financial billing end of things (everything is COVID!), but the article readily admits hospitals were never full. For the last 14 months we’ve been hammered with all kinds of agitprop about giving up our economy & freedoms so that healthcare workers wouldn’t be overwhelmed. “Flatten the curve,” they said. Now they’re admitting there never was a curve.

My own work experiences back that up: I had my hours cut during the first part of the “pandemic”. I have over 20 years’ experience in critical care and felt I had much to contribute to the pending doomsday scenario, so when my manager told me she had to cut my hours by 30%, I was confused. That’s pretty much when I knew this thing wasn’t what it was being sold as. My hospital did see some patients presenting with a respiratory viral illness, and yes, some of them died (they were all elderly). But at no time were we ever in danger of being overrun. Not only did we not have a deluge of COVID patients, we didn’t have many patients at all! People simply weren’t coming to the hospital for treatment. Last April, I visited the ER during one of my shifts where the nurse I spoke to said they had had next to zero patients for weeks on end. People were so afraid of catching the dreaded ‘Rona that they just didn’t go to the ER. Nor did they go to their doctor’s offices. Our OR tried to remain open, but the state health secretary threatened to withhold PPE if we didn’t cancel surgeries. So elective surgeries were not cancelled because we were too busy with COVID, they were cancelled because the government threatened to knee-cap us. Then we were told of “surges” and the “third wave”. None of that ever happened.

And to top it all off, I sat at a staff meeting in the fall were our administrators touted that we had a record-breaking year in terms of revenue. After reading this article, I understand why.

I’m not exactly a dinosaur, but since I’ve been a nurse for quite some time, I now have friends & acquaintances working in other hospitals throughout the US. I have confirmed with them that I’m not living in a bubble and my first hand observations about this are not unique.

I hope this message finds you well. My regards to the other ladies; may God bless each of you!



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