VISIBILITY, VISIBILITY, VISIBILITY: God is SO GOOD that Antipope Bergoglio, the likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, is literally publicly devoted to JUDAS ISCARIOT.

Salvation is an OPEN BOOK TEST, folks.  God is not trying to trick anyone or pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.  The sheep don’t need any “secret knowledge” or joke degrees to know who’s who and what’s what.  All you need is love of God and to be in a state of grace so that you aren’t blinded by your own sin.  Remember, sin makes you stupid, no matter how high your IQ.  Sin throws your transmission into neutral, so that no horsepower can get to the axle.

EVERYTHING is out in the open.

Antipope Bergoglio brags about having a picture of Judas Iscariot, HANGED, hanging over his desk.  Now, we see that Antipope Bergoglio had the Vatican Newspaper publish their Good Friday edition DEDICATED TO PRAISING AND CANONIZING Judas Iscariot, complete with homoerotica. This is not satire.

Jorge Bergoglio isn’t the Pope, and never was.  This simply CANNOT be any clearer. Antipope Jorge Bergoglio is a criminal usurper, a manifest apostate who is tasked, as all Freemasons are, with the total destruction and annihilation of the One True Church from the face of the earth, accomplished by the overthrow and destruction of the Papacy, and the erection of an Antichurch which is Freemasonic and in total servitude to Lucifer.

The guy is LITERALLY publishing his devotion to the BETRAYER OF CHRIST with homoerotic images of Jesus, nude, kneeling at Judas’ corpse, claiming that Christ OWES HIS GLORY… to Judas Iscariot.

This is straight out of Satanism.  This is TOTAL INVERSION. Again, THIS IS SATANISM.

Pope Benedict’s resignation in February ARSH 2013 was canonically invalid. Pope Benedict never resigned the Petrine Office, and thus has never stopped being the Pope.  The thing that looked like a conclave in March ARSH 2013 was totally null and void.  Bergoglio is an Antipope, which most orthodox Catholics now realize.  What even more are realizing is that Antipope Bergoglio isn’t just one among the dozens of antipopes in the 2000 year history of the Church – he is very likely the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, and these are probably the End Times.

Fast. Pray. Go to Confession.  Stay in a state of grace.  Stay close to the Blessed Virgin, the Co-Redemptrix, most especially through her most holy Rosary.

Pray for Pope Benedict, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church, the spotless and undefiled Body and Bride of Christ, outside of which there is no salvation.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.


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