The Dam Spillway Valves Are Open: YET ANOTHER Benedict-Is-Pope article and book, with the focus on the Munus-Ministerium distinction and invalidity of Pope Benedict’s resignation

As I have said for years, all it will take is for a few people to speak out on the Bergoglian Antipapacy, and once it starts and critical mass is reached, there will be people crawling out of the woodwork to testify to the invalidity of Pope Benedict’s resignation and the subsequent Antipapacy of the wretched criminal apostate Antipope Bergoglio. I hope that the poll did just recently helped people see just how many believing Catholics have come to know this truth, per Canon 748.

Here is the latest, by Sergio Russo, published at Marco Tosatti’s website. Russo and co-author Rosanna Boccacci are set to release a book on the invalid resignation of Pope Benedict.

Please note that they make exactly the argument we have been making for almost five years: an OFFICE is a state of BEING. Pope Benedict IS the Pope. A MINISTRY is an optional contingent ACTIVITY proceeding from an Office. The Pope presides, legislates, judges, teaches, confirms the brethren. These are optional contingent activities, because a Pope in a coma, or imprisoned can’t DO the ministerial functions, but he IS still the Pope.

Office = Being

Ministry = Doing

This distinction is addressed here beginning at the 07:55 timestamp:

In order to validly resign, the Pope must resign from BEING the Pope, not merely from DOING the “active governance” and administrative functions of the Papacy, which is what Pope Benedict EXPLICITLY said he was doing.

Russo also echoes Dr. Mazza in recognizing the Pope/Papacy as the Katechon of 2 Thessalonians 2.


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