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(“Barnhardt is insane. She threw her life away.  A miserable raving spinster who squandered a successful career and business to be a Jesus-freak and “live in a van down by the river”, who will die alone and rejected with absolutely nothing to show for it….“)


I normally write you from my Gmail, but I’m De-Googling (to borrow a No Agenda-ism).

Anyway, I have a favor to ask. We have a 4 year old daughter, the youngest of four girls. She was born to 46 year old parents (after two miscarriages), in large part because her Dad (me) read something about contraception on a blog in January of 2012, and that changed everything. Her name is [redacted]. Her birthday is [redacted], 2016.

This is [redacted].

If you could keep [redacted] in your prayers, since you’re sort-of her honorary godmother, it would mean a lot to her Mom and me. I’m sure you can imagine what we (and every parent who can see what’s coming) are going through right now.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.


[Originally penned and posted on January 30, ARSH 2012.  This is the essay that convinced “C” and his wife to repent and stop contracepting (i.e. mutual masturbation masquerading as the conjugal embrace), which led directly to the fuzzy little hand in the picture above.  I zoomed and cropped the picture he sent me to protect identities.  I have left the essay, reprinted in full below, as-written with the dated references.]

The issue before us now is Obama’s “mandate” that Catholic organizations, and all Catholics, and everyone else, must provide health insurance that covers contraception, abortifacients and sterilization with zero copay and zero deductible. Many out there reading may look at this and shrug their shoulders. So what? Everyone’s on the pill, including 95%+ of Catholic women of serviceable breeding age. What are they whining about? Why the sudden outrage?

Exactly. You know, satan is very, very intelligent. But he could be one I.Q. click north of a Kardashian and STILL roll today’s Catholic clergy and prelates. First, the core question: why is contraception a sin? Let’s start with a quote, and see if you can figure out which Pope or prominent Catholic thinker said this:

“The abandonment of the reproductive function is the common feature of all perversions. We actually describe a sexual activity as perverse if it has given up the aim of reproduction and pursues the attainment of pleasure as an aim independent of it. So, as you will see, the breach and turning point in the development of sexual life lies in becoming subordinate to the purpose of reproduction. Everything that happens before this turn of events and equally everything that disregards it and that aims solely at obtaining pleasure is given the uncomplimentary name of “perverse” and as such is proscribed.”

Hmmm. Pope John Paul II? Nope. St. Thomas Aquinas? Nope. G.K. Chesterton? Nope. Pope Benedict XVI? Nope. No, that little quote came from the lips of the ethnic Jew atheist father of psychoanalysis and no friend of the Church whatsoever, Sigmund Freud. Sorry. I tricked you a little.

Freud essentially echoed the Church’s teaching, which at the time was completely nominal and universally understood as COMMON SENSE across the entirety of civilized culture, from Catholics to Protestants to Jews to even atheists. Think about that.  Think about a world, still very, very much within living memory, in which EVERYONE, including atheists, fully understood that to mechanically or pharmaceutically thwart the transmission of life during sex, or to engage in a genital act of any stripe that was not physically ordered towards procreation was wrong and detrimental to society as a whole.  This isn’t to say that sins against the 6th commandment never happened, but they happened far less frequently, and most importantly, there was SHAME attached to these sins.  Today, for the first time in human history, these sins are not just tolerated, but publicly celebrated and now even COERCIVELY DEMANDED by the state to be participated in, promoted and celebrated.

So Freud wasn’t “in cahoots” with Christianity in making his statement any more than he would have been in cahoots with any religion by saying theft is wrong. Everyone understood that genital acts totally removed from the reproductive function were perverted and would inevitably lead to profound societal ills if allowed to flourish.

It wasn’t until ARSH 1930 that the Anglican church (surprise) made the first concession toward contraception, but only in “very special cases”. Well, not unlike medical marijuana, pretty soon everyone had a “special condition”, the Anglicans, being a schismatic cult founded by a psychopathic, syphilitic murderous fornicator, briskly ratified contraception, and then by the time the pill rolled out in ARSH 1961, pretty much every other Christian Protesting sect had capitulated to the screeching and caterwauling of their female members and their browbeaten, effeminate husbands and fathers (But we WAAAANT the pill!) in an effort to keep everyone happy and the collection plates brimming, and thus the entire edifice fell. A little over a decade later, the murderous premeditated slaughter of children was “legalized” in the United States, insomuch as killing babies can ever be truly “legal”, which is never. Not being satisfied with that, the Marxist-satanic axis is now demanding that contraception and abortion be available on demand at no out-of-pocket cost as a “human right”, subsidized entirely by the citizenry of the former United States under the forced coercion of the Internal Revenue Service.

Oddly, nay, SHOCKINGLY, nay, UNEXPECTEDLY, after the ratification of contraception and its corollary, abortion, illegitimacy rates SKYROCKETED. Divorce rates SKYROCKETED. Adultery SKYROCKETED. Homosexuality is now not only out of the shadows, but is militantly demanding a specially protected status on par with race, if not a superior status. The institution of marriage is almost dead. Pedophilia is in the early stages of being normalized, and ephebophilia, or sex with pubescent adolescents, is now almost fully normalized in the entertainment industry. As Freud said, if you take the reproductive function out of sex, then ALL BETS ARE OFF. You can pout and whine about this all you want, but you know that it is true. LOOK AROUND. Turn on your television. Look at the perverse filth that is pumped out day after day, getting worse and more perverted with each passing season. LOOK AT YOUR FAMILIES. Look at the divorces.

Look at the children WHO AREN’T THERE.  Almost all of you reading this, given my demographics, should have more children (and now grandchildren) right now.  But YOU thwarted their existence.  Mourn the children that God desperately wanted to give to you that you pridefully refused, mostly for the love of money.

Looking for an economic argument? Sure. Just today, posted this piece on Japan’s age demographics and how Japan is utterly, totally and completely economically screwed because they have contracepted themselves to death in the last half-century. I hardly think the “Tyler Durden” crew subscribes to orthodox Catholic teaching on the subject.

So far we have established that sex not ordered towards the transmission of life is gravely sinful. If the transmission of life is blocked, either through chemical sterilization (pill), mechanical sterilization (tubal ligation, vasectomy, condom, diaphragm) or perverse acts that have nothing to do with the transmission of life, (masturbation, withdrawal, anal, oral), then the act is itself nothing more than a dehumanizing, objectifying USURY of another person AND one’s self as a point of utterly self-serving masturbatory friction.

Do you think it is just a crazy coincidence that the people who have been pushing humanity into using themselves and each other as nothing more than soulless pieces of masturbation meat are the same people who view humans as nothing more than economic units to be harvested and then exterminated? Do you think it is just a crazy coincidence that these same people who have told you that having children is a “punishment” and “irresponsible” are the same people who want to get you totally and utterly dependent upon THEM? Do you think that it is just a crazy coincidence that the same people who want to force you to pay for contraception and abortion are the same people who murdered WELL over 100 million people, NOT counting abortions, in the 20th century alone? When are you going to understand that Marxism is satanic and from hell itself, and that contraception is one of the cornerstones of Marxism and totalitarian oligarchy?

But Ann, but Ann, what about post-menopausal women? Or women who lose their fertility due to illness? Are you saying that once a woman reaches menopause (or loses fertility due to illness) that married couple should stop having sex?

Nope. First, menopause is God’s doing. He engineered us that way, and it is not a choice. Illnesses are also out of our control. Second, two of the major figures in scripture were conceived and born to elderly, very post-menopausal women. The first was Isaac, miraculously born to Abraham and Sarah when Sarah was a very, very old woman as a result of Abraham and Sarah having good ol’ married sex. Abraham and Sarah never had children before Isaac because Sarah was “barren”, perhaps due to some illness or physical condition. Isaac was an intense foreshadowing of Christ, the only son and sacrifice of his father, made to carry the wood upon which he was to be sacrificed upon his back. However, God saved Isaac and ultimately provided Himself as the Sacrifice. The second post-menopausal baby was John the Baptist, again the forerunner of Christ. He was conceived naturally, yet miraculously due to old age, by Elizabeth and Zacharias. These occurrences clearly ratify post-menopausal sex between married couples, and sex between married couples who are “barren”, which still points to, recalls and celebrates the transmission of life.

Now to the nitty-gritty. For fifty-plus years, Catholic priests and bishops have been either glossing over, silently condoning, or defiantly telling people that contraception is not a sin. 95+% of Catholic women in the West have contracepted at some point in their adult lives. And now, the Marxist-satanic-totalitarian Obama regime is making its move, and the first tactical move is coming at the Church exactly where it is the weakest: contraception. How can the Church expect to marshal an army to lay down their lives and fight if the priests and bishops have been passively condoning the very mortal sin that the Obama regime now want us to subsidize? This is why I said at the beginning that satan is intelligent, but he could be middling to dumb and still roll the vast majority of priests and bishops today. If you couldn’t see this coming, then I have a bridge in New York City I’d like to sell you.

But why did the priests and bishops dissent – OPENLY, including the Winnipeg Statement and the infamous petitions of dissent, one published in the New York Times, in the summer of ARSH 1968 – and not speak out against contraception for these last fifty years? Simply, because at EXACTLY the same time as Marxists were pushing for contraception in the secular arena, that same Marxist cabal was simultaneously recruiting and infecting the Catholic Church with homosexual priests and nuns. The doors into seminaries were guarded by Marxist-homosexualists beginning in earnest in the 1960s. Homosexual men were recruited and preferred by seminary entrance committees, which were largely staffed by lesbian nuns. Heterosexual men were either outright rejected or were driven out by sexual harassment and even sexual assault. Many seminaries turned into nothing more than neo-pagan homosexual brothels. It is safe to say that the majority of Catholic priests ordained in the 1970s and 1980s were indeed homosexual. Not all, but the statistical majority. The Marxist infiltration of the Catholic Church in the 20th century was a resounding success. In fact, it is probably the most effective attack on the Church to date in terms of the sheer numbers of people that it ultimately drove away, drove into mortal sin, or prevented from being conceived and born at all.

This homosexual infestation of the priesthood, episcopacy and religious orders is why there has been this heretical winking approval of contraception. If homosexual priests, bishops and nuns were to honestly explain why contraception is sinful, namely the fact that any genital act that is not ordered toward the transmission of life is intrinsically perverted, mortally sinful, and reduces the partners to nothing more than usurious pieces of meat to be used for masturbatory friction, they would be indicting and damning their own perverted and disordered lusts. The homosexuals, convinced of their “right” to their own perverted lusts, thus intentionally, with full malice aforethought, led the faithful astray. Then, looking out over the sea of artificially sterilized heterosexual couples, they told themselves, “If these breeders can screw each other for fun and nothing else, then so can I! God, who probably doesn’t exist, may send me to hell, which almost certainly doesn’t exist, but He’s going to have to send all of these pathetic heteros to hell too. Heh.”

The heterosexual priests that did make it through seminary were also largely indoctrinated and influenced by the Marxist-homosexualist milieu. The one kind of man that was almost totally purged from the ranks of the priesthood in the 1970s and 80s and early 90s ordination classes was the strong, masculine man. A few made it through, but not many. So even the heterosexual priests skewed “soft”, and were the kind of men who lived in fear of offending anyone, and who would water down the Truth in order to attract people, BE PERSONALLY LIKED, and, perhaps more to the point, to attract money into the collection plate.

All shall love me and despair.

When this essay was written, Bergoglio was still a mafia don in a collar down in Argentina, and Battista Ricca was shacked up with his Swiss Army boyfriend in Montevideo, cruising public restrooms and picking up boy prostitutes.

And here is where you Protestants come back in. The soft Catholic priests lied to Catholics about the sinfulness of contraception because the priests feared that the Catholics, if told the truth, would leave the Church (and take their collection plate dollars with them) and just go to ANY Protestant or schismatic church, all of which had happily accepted the evil of contraception years before. And that is exactly what many, many Catholics did. You convinced Catholics to REJECT AND WALK AWAY FROM THE EUCHARIST AND THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS so they could have sex without being “punished” or “burdened” with a child. Good luck with that one at your Particular Judgment. That’s not going to be fun.

And so, that is the story. The Marxist-satanic Obama regime is proceeding exactly according to plan. The last fifty years have seen the chessboard cleared of most of the defensive pieces. The King is heavily exposed, and is now in check.

How do I suspect this will play out? The Catholics in the United States will do NOTHING in response to this “mandate” by the Obama regime. Again, why would they? Most of them have been told by priests for their entire lives that contraception isn’t really that big of a deal (wink) [QUIT OBSESSING. WHO AM I TO JUDGE? or, my new favorite: “The difficulties that arise in relation to natural law can be overcome through more attentive reference to the biblical world, to its language and narrative forms, and to “propose bringing the issue to public discussion and developing the idea of biblical inspiration and the ‘order in creation,’ which could permit a re-reading of the concept of the natural law in a more meaningful manner in today’s world.”], and most of the breeding age Catholics are today contracepting and want to continue contracepting. The next move will be for the Obama regime to start suing faithful priests for hate crimes or incitement. The first such lawsuit was filed in Ireland late last week.

The priests and bishops, being the mostly weak, cowardly, politicking, effete embarrassments [whose top priority is being personally popular and loved by the world] that they are, will fold. Sadly, even the most strong and bold bishops will do nothing more than threaten to “call or write your representative”, when at MINIMUM they should be calling for a federal tax strike from the pulpit every single Sunday (and should have declared a tax strike when the Roe v. Wade ruling came down). There will be, at some point, an informal schism. The Catholic Church in America will quietly acquiesce to the Obama regime in order to keep the money flowing and the 501(c)(3) slavery provision intact, and will thus cease to be Catholic. The TRUE Church will then be cut off from the mainstream and go underground. This cleavage will almost perfectly align with the Order of the Mass. The Novus Ordo “new Mass” parishes will surrender to the Obama regime because the Novus Ordo Mass was an invention and a tactical maneuver by the Marxist-homosexualist infiltrators in the 1960s. The Traditional Latin Mass parishes, and those priests, religious and laity who pray the Latin Mass will be more likely to remain faithful to Our Lord, will be forced to go underground, and will eventually be hunted, imprisoned and killed.

Are you shocked by that last sentence? Why? Can you please name me a Marxist regime in the last one hundred years that DID NOT hunt and kill orthodox Catholic priests? Do you honestly believe that this regime is any different? Do you think that American psychopaths are somehow different from German psychopaths, Russian psychopaths, Chinese psychopaths, Vietnamese psychopaths or Latin American psychopaths? If you do, then you are a fool.

And once again, I find it to be nothing short of disgusting that I have to be the person to explain all of this stuff. Would you priests, PLEASE, literally FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, grow a pair and TEACH PEOPLE THE FAITH? They don’t know. Most of them have no idea what the Trinity is, that Jesus is God, and almost none of them have any clue whatsoever about the Eucharist.

Once you have covered that, you can explain contraception to them. But start with the Eucharist. Because if you say the Mass in English, anyone sitting anywhere behind row three probably has absolutely no idea. You know how you can tell? Look at how they’re dressed. If they believed in the Real Presence, they wouldn’t be wearing a cutoff football jersey, dirty sweatpants and flipflops and checking scores on their phone during the consecration. And those are the women.

I hope this helps.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us and on Your Holy Church.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.