A breathless world rests relieved tonight: Dirty Hippy Viking Chewbacca Bikini Shaman, the quintessential image of middle class flyover country MAGA, WILL be given an organic diet

I look forward to Dirty Hippy Viking Chewbacca Bikini Shaman Boy regaining his strength and leading the MAGA movement forward to a grand restoration of traditional Christian American culture and governance.

I can almost feel the warm glow of the Eisenhower years in resurgence now….

The fact that he is also a witch doctor is just another advantage. I wonder if Dirty Hippy Viking Chewbacca Bikini Shaman Boy knows Pachamama? Maybe he is her baby daddy!?!

Isn’t it something how paganism and demonic manifestations just keep popping up? Isn’t it something how a witch doctor in demonic costume waltzed into the US Capitol? I suspect that it was more than just Capitol police holding doors open and directing traffic. I smell the distinct savor of sulphur.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.