The technical term for Lindsey Graham is “Jackass”, and his official title is “Sobbing Mensroom Loiterer”

All the signs were there, folks.

This has aged in the last ten years like a bottle of Solaia, baby.  It starts strong, and then just keeps getting better.

I’m the pixel in the middle of the frame.

(Yes, there are a couple of phrases that I would correct relating to ‘Murica and the constitution that would have made Michael Davies cringe.  Never stop learning! But, in retrospect, this was the making of me, and was the direct antecedent to the straight-up miraculous course of events of my life over the past decade. If I had chickened-out as I was standing at my desk with my finger hovering over my mouse, asking myself one last time if I wanted to upload the file to YouTube… I wouldn’t have had the honor and pleasure of being here with you, fighting the good fight.)



Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.