Sticky for a minute: Enroll now for Spring Semester Courses with Dr. Mazza and Dr. Luca!!

Scroll down for LOADS of fresh content!!

Let’s use this time to acquire as much knowledge as possible! Classes begin January 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Dr. Mazza’s History of the Church (Tuesdays 9:00pm EST) and World History (Wednesdays 9:00pm EST) courses continue (don’t you want to see how the story ends??!!).  Both courses together are $450.

And Dr. Luca is going to teach an introduction to the history of philosophy through the lens of Thomas Aquinas (Mondays 9:00pm EST), plus a course on Dante’s Divine Comedy! (Thursdays 9:00pm EST)  Both courses together are only $389 . 

Support two outstanding traditional Catholic laymen, and learn new, amazing things about the world and the One True Faith!  See you there!

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