Is it a joke? Remember the axiom, something can only be humorous if it has a grain of truth….

Mass suicide is what Covidism is driving towards. I’ve made this point in this space before.

Over the transom comes this Italian tweet from a young man who says in response to the bullshit “new wave of mutated CoronaCold identified in the UK already in Holland!! FAR MORE CONTAGIOUS AND LETHAL!!”

The young Italian says, “Ok I’m ready for a new one year lockdown so I have plenty of time to think about how to take my own life…”

Is he being facetious? Partially, yes. But the reason this “works” as a tweet is because there is a grain of truth in it. Many young healthy people are starting to seriously contemplate “putting themselves to sleep.” Because they realize this will never end without war, and you know, FIGHTING is just incomprehensible to these people. So… do the math.

All. According. To. Plan.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.