“Vacationing every summer in South Beach” significantly increases mortality from colds and flu. In other words, CoronaCold hits sodomites harder. (Hint: It starts with “H”, and ends with “IV”.

Darn that “love of Art Deco architecture and authentic Cuban cuisine”, anyway…

Here’s a screen capture summary of research that we all knew intuitively, and explains why “healthy young men” are stricken and/or croaking from a cold or flu, which is, of course, labeled “Covid-19” every time.

HIV supercharges bugs that healthy non-sex perverts shake off easily. I guess the big hint here was the fact that HIV stands for “Human IMMUNODEFICIENCY Virus.” Subtle, I know.

Folks, this has happened every year, all along. Sodomites, already under a viral load from orally ingesting feces, and many immunocompromised from HIV, get hit hard in cold and flu season. It’s just that now it’s a huge bee-ess propaganda vehicle.

Link here, but it requires registration. Help us help you with these helpful screen caps:

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