Mailbag Q&A: 55,000,000 proofsets and counting

Hello Ann. I am a regular reader and listener, and it is astounding to me how prophetic you are. I watched your Vendee video and lo and behold, the rioting savages put up a mock guillotine in front of Jeff Bezos’ home and renamed Chaz, “Chop” in honor of the horrifying beheading during the French revolution. This year has certainly put the fear of God (and man) in me. The video of the boomer freaking out was awful. I have always said evil has a great deal of stupidity in it, and this mask nonsense along with all the other Alice in Wonderland dystopian madness seems to bear that out. 

I just disagree on one point you made concerning the boomer Karens. I do not believe, despite how vicious and unhinged some of them are, that they will be leading any French revolutionary mayhem. That seems to be the goal of these young white half psychotic college grad women. They are filled to the brim with hate for Trump supporters, Christians, our country’s founding, etc. Being the recipients of a miseducation and feminazi training, they are remarkably vulgar and dehumanized. Some older ones may shriek about the masks, but the vast majority were not raised to hate the country, and with the exception of the wretched elites like Hillary and company, do not support the attempted insurrection. I am 62 and though there are certainly radicals in my generation (more the folks about 10 years older than me that started the rebellion), as you know at this point, the younger, the more radicalized. There is hope, however, as I have seen some remarkably astute and passionate young people making videos and fighting against the demonic spirit praise God. 

There was a mass demonstration against masks in Germany over the last weekend. I hope that will spread God willing. I have never seen anything like the madness that is now upon us. I bought your apologetics book and look forward to reading it. I admire your bravery to say the obvious that is now heretical in this anti-culture. Thank you for all you do!

God bless,


Dear Virginia,

Boomer Karens, Generation X Ashleys, and Millenial Madisons in the U.S. have done THIS 55,000,000 times and counting with calm, cool, premeditation and malice aforethought and intimate physical cooperation to their own children. Tell me more about how they won’t engage in French Revolution level atrocities. I’m all ears.

Yes, Ms. Karen Defarge, Ashley Defarge and Madison Defarge will incite, demand, drive and cheer murderousness every bit as bad and likely far worse than the height of The Terror during the French Revolution. Remember, Madame le Guillotine was quick, and some speculate, painless. But instead of coding death lists into her knitting, Ms. Karen Defarge and her ilk will draw up and send death lists on her smartphone.

Ms. Karen Defarge: beheading innocent people with forceps, clamps and suction hoses with the full protection of the state since ARSH 1973. The spirit of murder is ubiquitous in our culture, led by the women. Which is why our culture is now, finally, imploding and annihilating itself. The percentage of women in our culture who have murdered another human being is literally orders of magnitude above the percentage of men who have killed.

“Liberty! Equality! Fraternity! OR DEATH!

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.