YUP!! Study: Victim-Signaling Plus Virtue-Signaling Can Mean Very Bad People

Folks, look at the Saints.  A consistent theme is that saints, while on earth, DON’T COMPLAIN.  They keep their maladies to themselves. They don’t complain.

St. Bernadette Soubirous is an incredible example of this.  She had bone cancer that literally ate away to dust one of her knees.  The only reason anyone found out is because when her knee was almost totally gone – then and only then did she start to limp. Famously, one of her superiors, who had resented Bernadette terribly for years because she was “low” and “stupid”, and suspected her of faking her visions of the Blessed Virgin at the Lourdes Grotto, was humiliated unto sanctity by the revelation that Bernadette, instead of being an – and forgive the modern vulgarism – “attention whore”, was EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.  She had a malady so severe that the attending doctor declared it a “miracle” that she was able to conceal it.  She had experienced pain that “no man could endure”.


Be VERY WARY of people who have to habitually advertise and hype maladies and “personal issues”.  Be VERY WARY of people who complain habitually.  Be VERY WARY of hypochondriacs.  Be VERY WARY of people who seem to luxuriate in illness, and use long-since-cured and recovered illnesses as excuses… much less FUNDRAISING PLATFORMS. Be very wary of people who have to publicize messy PERSONAL/FAMILY ISSUES.  There is such a thing as DECORUM.  Grown adults take care of their private business… PRIVATELY.

As a wise man once said, “If the first thing you do is post your “grave personal problem” to Twitter, then your “grave personal problem” isn’t your BIGGEST problem. Not even close.”

HERE IS THE PIECE FROM TOM GILSON at STREAM.ORG, “Study: Victim-Signaling Plus Virtue-Signaling Can Mean Very Bad People”



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