Mailbag: Professional Poo Wrangler Moved to Write….

Hello Ann.

Blessed Sunday to you, and many blessings.

I saw the toilet on your site and it moved me to write. [Har har!!]

During my working years I was in sanitary and storm sewer maintenance with forty men under my care. I was in deep shafts and sewer collectors, confined spaces, and did routine repairs. We were required to have confined space training and instructed on the procedures for entry and exit of the sewers. We had gas detectors that measured methane,  hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide and oxygen. If any parameters were compromised were  to exit ASAP. As you know the detector is set at 19.5% oxygen, and the alarm goes off.

It is all crap with the masks for dummies. Masks are like a personal confined space for yourself; breathing carbon di-oxide continuously, and risking acidosis. Oxygen levels are lower as a result. The health departments and political people are risking the lives and health of ordinary people. In our jurisdiction, we have mandated masks now. So I called my doctor and gave him the facts as stated. He was very nervous when I told him he was responsible for my health. I will pick up signed health/mask waivers tomorrow. He was reluctant, but agreed. He knows full  well all this is a lot of bull chips. Like you said, he is fearful of losing his position. I do not care as that is his lot in life, he chose it.

P.S. In and out of virus infested sewers and not one day sick because of it. Maybe a few hangovers in my younger years. Just doing my job taking care of poop for people. Those are our unsung heros down there working for you all.  

Have a pleasant day-

Canadian Poo Wrangler

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