NASCAR should be cremated on the same pyre as Disney: the “Bubba Wallace Noose” was a pure, calculated marketing hoax. And they ALL went along with it. EVERY TEAM.

NASCAR is dead to me.


The Conservative Treehouse has proven what many of us instantly suspected: it was an in-house NASCAR hoax (because obviously – NASCAR infield garages have better security than the White House), specifically the “noose” was the manual garage door pull-down that EVERY bay at Talladega has. Duh.

I mean, these cucked* crackers make Juicy Smoolyay look like a tactical genius.

*The word “cucked” is not an obscenity. It is the adjective form of “cuckold”, a man who permits other men to fornicate with his wife. The rhyme is coincidental.

Several things need to be pointed out:

-EVERY NASCAR team went along with this slanderous calumny of their entire fan base.

-I am reminded of a key feature of Diabolical Narcissism: Contempt for “one’s own.” DN’s attack their own because they figure, and are often exactly correct, that “their own” will tolerate their abuse. Easy targets.

-Most NASCAR fans aren’t super-high income. NASCAR fans save their nickels and dimes and plan their once-yearly vacation (and often family reunions) around Talladega, Daytona, etc. NASCAR is very different in this sense from other sports. For NASCAR to shit all over these people and their patronage is, simply, unforgivable.

You know what someone should do? I know this is crazy, but stay with me. Someone should start a racing league of… cars that are totally dealership spec except for roll cages. Like, as if a normal person running their family to a bootleg “illegal” Mass were driving a totally … what’s the word I’m looking for here… STOCK car. Wouldn’t that be fun and interesting?? YEEE HAAAW!

Die, North American Stock Car ASSociation. Like like the lying, backstabbing cucked-out traitors that you are. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.