The Submission Muzzle exemption cards WORK

(Over the transom, and I’ve received several reports of success already, but this one from the People’s Republic of Calipornia is choice…)

Good Afternoon [X],

Thank you for contacting me on Friday night regarding your experience at our [XX] location.  We appreciate your feedback, appreciate you as our valued customer, and apologize for any inconvenience. 

We want all of our customers and team members to be safe, and to follow the protocols set forth by [X] County and the State of California. Facemasks can be uncomfortable, especially for our employees who have to wear them all day long, sometimes in hot weather.  State and Local authorities have mandated masks for 99.9% of us, and we are following that protocol. We do however recognize that there is an “exception to every rule” as in your case. Our managers and our staff at [X] as well as our other four locations have been made aware of this exception. We anticipate your next visit to be smooth. You will more than likely be requested to put on a mask if still required at that time. Simply present your card again or ask to speak with the Manager and we will ensure that you are granted service without a mask while maintaining social distance. Feel free to call me on my personal cell phone at any time before or during your visit in case you encounter any issues. We want you to have a pleasant and stress-free experience with us.

Thank you for taking the time to write to me regarding this issue.


[X X]

Director of Operations

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