STONE COLD SCIENCE: Masks do absolutely nothing except indicate a person’s submission to the LIE


A CoronaCold by Gates (TM) particle is a sphere with a diameter of 0.125 microns.

N95 masks, ONLY WHEN RIGOROUSLY FITTED AND TESTED, stop approximately 95% of particles down to 0.300 microns.  Anything smaller than 0.300 microns sails through an N95 mask, EVEN if it is rigorously custom-fitted.

0.125 microns is SMALLER than 0.300 microns.  THEREFORE, N95 masks DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to block CoronaCold by Gates (TM), even when rigorously custom-fitted.  Hence the unstoppable healthy spread of the virus and herd immunity.

Surgical masks are 60%-80% effective in blocking particles of 5.000 microns down to 0.300, depending on the type.  Surgical masks are designed to keep the doctors’ and nurses’ boogers out of the flayed patient.  This is not an exaggeration.

Cloth, like a cotton bandana, will block particles down to 200 microns when brand new.  After washing, when the weave of the fabric softens and loosens, that increases to 400-600 microns.

Just to recapitulate for the sake of clarity, a CoronaCold by Gates (TM) particle is ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE THOUSANDTHS OF A MICRON in diameter.  0.125 microns.

The pores in that Masonic Burqa of submission are 2.5 times wider for an N95 mask, up to 4800 times wider for a piece of fashion fabric.

I just grabbed a tape measure and measured myself shoulder-to-shoulder. Let’s call it 20 inches to use a round number. Let’s see what 4800 times wider than me is:

20 inches X 4800 = 96,000 inches

96,000 divided by 12 inches in a foot = 8000 feet

8000 feet divided by 5280 feet in a mile = 1.51 miles

The ONLY THING that masks do is signal SUBMISSION TO THE LIE, a loud-and-proud declaration of being contra-educated and fully subscribed to the most infantile forms of magical thinking.

IF you think ANY of this has ANYTHING to do with “public health”, or a “pandemic” – THERE IS NO PANDEMIC, JUST A CHEST COLD… I just can’t even….

In the U.K., where the NHS is literally worshipped as a Neo-pagan entity, the mask is the veil of submission.  It is a piece of “religious” garb, and any non-conformity to its dehumanizing submission to “the lord high god Enn Aitch Ess” will be beaten down in Talibanesque spirit, with the neighbors joining in, slain with the spirit of satanic piety.

In Italy, the Masonic Veil has become the symbol of “Italian pride”, the new national religion of narcissism, which with the full cooperation of the Antipope and his Antichurch, will attempt to grind the One True Church to dust.

And in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?

Total economic suicide and neo-pagan religious submission to New World Order totalitarianism without a single shot fired… OVER A CHEST COLD.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.