Media addiction and how this “script” was in development by Gates and the NWO for years.

Stop and think about the people you know who, within a few days, turned into screeching, panic-mongering Nazis demanding that everyone lock themselves in their houses, put a piece of gauze or fashion fabric over their face, and wait to die, and if you didn’t go along with their insanity that you were a “psychopath” who wanted to “murder old people.” Remember that?

Let me guess:

Addicted to Tee-Vee and movies? Just GOTTA watch the boob tube? Yup.

This is from ARSH 2003. If you think this is a coincidence… I can’t really help you.

Watch this, and then realize that YES, this thing was literally scripted, designed to be spoon-fed to the gullible, conditioned masses. The constant pumping of “zombie apocalypse” and “pandemic” teevee and movies. Fear porn. And people with extant psycho-spiritual problems and little to no actual faith in Our Lord just eat it up.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.