#TOLDYA: Seasonal CoronaCold Virus Follows Normal Seasonal Track Regardless of Quarantine

Only the real matters, folks. Only the real counts.

CoronaCold is tracking seasonally, ***regardless of quarantine and lockdown***.

I’ll take it a step further and say what we already know: lockdowns MAKE IT WORSE by keeping people sedentary, out of the sunshine, and inhibiting the progression of natural herd immunity. Don’t think for a second that Bill Gates et al don’t realize this, too.

Yup. As I have been saying, this is no Scourge sent by God. We have done this to ourselves, freely and completely unnecessarily. It’s all one hundred percent human-made bullshit. It’s suicide.

CoronaCold is a seasonal cold virus. It will recede in the warmth of the summer sun, and will re-emerge this fall. Just like every other cold virus.

Like ANY respiratory bug, it gets after the co-morbid elderly, and the obese. Like any other cold virus, it is going to be on the list of Hospital Acquired Infections.

You all realize that this seasonal ebb and flow is literally why they are called “COLDS”, yes? Because cold and flu viruses are knocked down by sunshine, higher temps and higher humidity. DUH. We get COLDS when it is… COLD.

Karl Denninger’s analysis over at Market-Ticker.org has said exactly this from the beginning. Likewise William Briggs’ analysis.

The only people pushing this quarantine “flatten the curve” lie from hell are NewWorldOrder oligarchs, their toadies in the media, government and Antichurch, and mentally ill misanthropes who want YOU to live YOUR life like them, barricaded inside your house with your cats, your tee-vee, your video games, and your Xanax, while commodities magically fall out of the sky, untouched by human hands.

This is the biggest fraud, mass hysteria and crime against humanity ever committed.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.