Dear Donald Trump: FIRE FAUCI whose EVERY WORD has been either a lie or galactically wrong, and STOP THIS ECONOMIC SUICIDE

It’s a chest cold.  No, seriously.  It’s a CHEST COLD.

It hits the obese particularly hard, not surprisingly.  Give them hydroxychloroquine and a referral to a dietitian as they leave the hospital 48 hours later.

Nurses are literally spending their shifts making up slutty dance routines to post on social media.

Bill and Melinda Gates are psychopaths who want to be God.  They should be laughed at WHILE being frog marched to prison under indictment for crimes against humanity.

Fire Fauci and Birx, who are both mid-wit (at best) bureaucrats, and more probably psycho-liars with massive delusions of grandeur.

End the fear-porn propaganda campaign of fraudulently declaring dead bodies that test positive for Corona as a mere Hospital Acquired Infection after assuming room temperature from a pre-existing morbidity (or three) in a hospital (aka “giant Petri dish”) to be “Corona Deaths”.  Back-correct ALL statistics, and criminalize false reportage of statistics, both by healthcare workers and the media.

Open the economy.

Repatriate manufacturing of EVERYTHING to the North American land mass. From steel to textiles to those little paper umbrellas they put in piña coladas.  EVERYTHING.

STOP PRINTING MONEY.  Declare targeted debt jubilees.  DEFLATION, not INFLATION is the path forward. Let the true time value of money emerge.

Criminalize ANY attempt at coerced “vaccination” or tracking of any kind – it’s all a gambit to give the Deep State/Globalists totalitarian power.

Be a man.


Quit screwing around.

Enjoy your second term.

Ann Barnhardt

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.