First Reading of Tenebrae from Last Night – If THIS doesn’t get one’s attention, absolutely nothing will….

It is NOT unreasonable, kooky or weird in any way to strongly suspect that this is, in fact, The End Times.  It might not be, but one simply cannot be faulted for suspecting that it is.  Antipope who gives absolutely every indication of being the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, self-inflicted global catastrophe, the literal Mark of the Beast being announced, all of the approved apparitions and warnings by the Mother of God…. Last night at Tenebrae (some of these stories will have to wait for either times in which it is safe to tell such stories, or the General Judgment), the very first reading was like a punch in the gut. Or perhaps better put, a Louisville Slugger to the back of the head. Again, it is not unreasonable to at least suspect that these words of St. Jeremiah, inspired by the Holy Ghost, are an explicit reference to today in the form of a double entendre with the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC.  Either way, not a dry eye in the retrochoir.

Reading 1
Lesson from the book of Lamentations
Lam 1:1-5
1 Aleph. How doth the city sit solitary that was full of people! how is the mistress of the Gentiles become as a widow: the princes of provinces made tributary!
2 Beth. Weeping she hath wept in the night, and her tears are on her cheeks: there is none to comfort her among all them that were dear to her: all her friends have despised her, and are become her enemies.
3 Ghimel. Juda hath removed her dwelling place because of her affliction, and the greatness of her bondage: she hath dwelt among the nations, and she hath found no rest: all her persecutors have taken her in the midst of straits.
4 Daleth. The ways of Sion mourn, because there are none that come to the solemn feast: all her gates are broken down: her priests sigh: her virgins are in affliction, and she is oppressed with bitterness.
5 He. Her adversaries are become her lords, her enemies are enriched: because the Lord hath spoken against her for the multitude of her iniquities: her children are led into captivity: before the face of the oppressor.
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, return to the Lord thy God.

Lectio 1
Incipit Lamentátio Ieremíæ Prophétæ
Lam 1:1-5
1 Aleph. Quómodo sedet sola cívitas plena pópulo: facta est quasi vídua dómina géntium: princeps provinciárum facta est sub tribúto.
2 Beth. Plorans plorávit in nocte, et lácrimæ eius in máxillis eius: non est qui consolétur eam ex ómnibus caris eius: omnes amíci eius sprevérunt eam, et facti sunt ei inimíci.
3 Ghimel. Migrávit Iudas propter afflictiónem, et multitúdinem servitútis: habitávit inter gentes, nec invénit réquiem: omnes persecutóres eius apprehendérunt eam inter angústias.
4 Daleth. Viæ Sion lugent eo quod non sint qui véniant ad solemnitátem: omnes portæ eius destrúctæ: sacerdótes eius geméntes: vírgines eius squálidæ, et ipsa oppréssa amaritúdine.
5 He. Facti sunt hostes eius in cápite, inimíci eius locupletáti sunt: quia Dóminus locútus est super eam propter multitúdinem iniquitátum eius: párvuli eius ducti sunt in captivitátem, ante fáciem tribulántis.
Ierúsalem, Ierúsalem, convértere ad Dóminum Deum tuum.


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