Traditional Catholic Nerd Giggle: EcclesiastES vs. EcclesiastICUS

In a message exchange yesterday, I was directed to Ecclesiastes 9:7. Amusingly, at, the Douay-Rheims Bible online, I first mistakenly opened Ecclesiasticus (aka Sirach) 9:7 instead. Much nerdy giggling on my part resulted. The juxtaposition here is delightful.

Here is what I was supposed to see in ECCLESIASTES 9:7

Go then, and eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with gladness: because thy works please God.

Vade ergo, et comede in laetitia panem tuum, et bibe cum gaudio vinum tuum, quia Deo placent opera tua.

And here is what I mistakenly looked up in ECCLESIASTICUS 9:7 instead:

Look not round about thee in the ways of the city, nor wander up and down in the streets thereof.

Noli circumspicere in vicis civitatis, nec oberraveris in plateis illius.

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