#TOLDYA Called it two years ago: Two male lead characters in Star Wars confirmed to be sodomites

I called this two years ago in Barnhardt Podcast Episode #039 at the 49:25 timestamp. The black storm trooper guy and the new Han Solo guy (Finn and Poe) are confirmed by J.J. Abrams to be sodomites in the upcoming Devil Mouse Star Wars movie. This has been planned since the first episode in this Devil Mouse trilogy. I saw it when I made the mistake of watching Episode 7 on someone’s bootleg. The black storm trooper guy and the new Han Solo guy had a TOTAL faggot moment of saucy, lingering eye contact in the ARSH 2015 movie. It was disgusting.

Remember folks, with Diabolical Narcissists, it’s all about CORRUPTION. They luxuriate in CORRUPTING things, and the better and more innocent the person or thing, the more demonic satisfaction they derive from CORRUPTING it. DNS hate innocence, purity, and especially sincere piety, and will attempt to degrade, subvert and/or overturn it whenever they see it. I am reminded of both women and men who chase and bed priests….

This is why sodomites go after children and adolescents. They relish in CORRUPTING them. It’s why there is such an attraction on the part of sex perverts of both sexes to the objective of the infiltration and corruption of the Church. It’s why sodomites in the Church chase seminarians relentlessly. And it is why these DN monsters are now going after a secular cultural touchstone like Star Wars. It really is true that yes, they want to utterly destroy and CORRUPT even people’s memories of childhood.

Steer well clear. And don’t throw money at these evil wretches by falling for this new “Baby Yoda” gimmick that they have just come out with. Don’t fall for it. Don’t feed this hellspawn.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.