More Popcorn and Casualties: Antipope Bergoglio Fires Head of Vatican Police

It is being reported that Antipope Bergoglio has fired the infamous Domenico Giani, the head of the Vatican Gendarmerie (Police), in what is being called a “Stalinist Purge”.  

Folks, the Swiss Guards are largely for show.  The real power in the Vatican in terms of “law enforcement” (I laughed out loud as I typed that) is the Vatican Gendarmerie, which is well known to be an operational arm of the Southern Italian Mafia, aka Cosa Nostra/’Ndragheta.  Giani is known to be an extremely brutal and dangerous son of the Mafia, capable of having people “disappeared”.

All I can say is that when dirty psychopaths turn on each other – Katy bar the door.  I would read this as Bergoglio’s Sodomite Army trying to wrench control over the Vatican Bank and all of the money away from the Mafia.  But who the hell knows. The Italian Mafia is BIGTIME connected to Freemasonry and satanism, so the flowchart here is convoluted.  This is why I’m just generally rooting for casualties.

Here is one thing I do know.  It is an unpleasant but widely-known truth that the Italian Mafia is what maintains any semblance of security in Rome, specifically keeping the musloids in check, most especially around the Vatican and the core tourist center.  If the Italian Mafia withdraws its “security protection” from Rome, Rome will descend into something resembling the bastard child of Mexico and Senegal.  Tourism will be destroyed.  It will literally be impossible to walk the streets. We’re talking Peak Sh*thole.

Interesting times.

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