Amazon Sin-nod Focused on Sexually Perverted and Non-Patrilineal Yanomami Tribe For a Reason

Across my transom came a VERY interesting email asking me to alert folks to the very specific agenda behind the promotion of one specific tribe in the Amazon that the Bergoglian Antichurch is holding up as the example and model of humanity in its purest, most pristine form: the Yanomami.

There are many Amazon tribes, including in Antipope Bergoglio’s Argentina, but Antipope Bergoglio and his cabal have anointed the Yanomami tribe as the poster children for their “new church with an Amazonian face”.

Well, it turns out that the other tribes, while certainly horrific culturally, do mostly have a patrilineal structure and sexual mores that conform to the Natural Law.

The Yanomami, however, do NOT live in recognizable family units, and there is rampant homosexuality, pedophilia and bestiality. For this reason, anthropologists who have “studied” the Yanomami have been sex predators themselves, and have engaged in prostitution with the Yanomami, essentially paying for sodomy with adults and children of both sexes, which the Yanomami have willingly participated. The two main criminals here are Jacques Lizot and Nicholas Good. Good preferred female children, and Lizot preferred males of all ages.

Bottom line, the Yanomami are being held up as the models and foundation of the Freemasonic Antichurch and Anticulture precisely because the Yanomami are the farthest removed from the Natural Law, and thus from true human dignity. “No social classes. No leader. No God. No money.” Has a familiar ring, doesn’t it? Layer on top of that, no marriage, no family, no sexual morality and you can see why the Structuralists, led by Claude Levi-Strauss, gravitated to these people. Their rejection of the Natural Law is so thorough that it constitutes a sub-animal categorization. Exactly the agenda of satan – to drag men down to depths beneath the animal.

Levi-Strauss funded Jacques Lizot, who used the Yanomami as his sexual playthings, and then essentially built his entire scholarly thesis upon the circular argument that because these “noble savages” engaged in sodomy, pedophilia and bestiality (with Lizot himself, often in exchange for payment), that this was a manifestation of human culture in its purest, most pristine form.

“Central to the Structuralist vision is a State where individual thought coalesces into a collective or ‘savage thought.’ It is ‘thought that does not think,’ habitual to tribalism.”

Please watch this documentary about this topic and share it. Be warned, it contains fairly graphic descriptions of sodomitical acts and sexual abuse of children. Remember, no one has any interest in baptizing these people, and the so-called missionaries down there even hold it as a point of pride that they don’t baptize anyone. They only “accompany.”

The Yanomami are simply being used as poster children for the Freemasonic-satanic NewWorldOrder – pantheistic Gnosticism, sub-animalic sexual perversion, and Communistic social structure.

Here is a short essay on Structuralism.

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