Mailbag: “When I first found your blog, I thought you were an angry middle-aged, attention-seeking American lady.”

Yes… and?? 😀


I am just writing to say thank you for your latest podcast. Well, thank you for all of them actually.

It is nice to hear the voice of reason and common sense regarding modesty in dress. Thank you for pointing out to us all that pants are OK when worn appropriately! [Always cover the caboose, ladies!] Also that part of modesty is dressing WELL. [It is also a function of decorum and fraternal charity – fundamental respect for others.] I can be a bit slack in this regard, but am gradually sewing up a wardrobe of flattering what I call “Day Dresses.” Any way just thanks is all I wanted to say.

I don’t usually write or comment on blogs. I don’t like how it often seems to become some type of “team” people follow [Amen], “I’m for Fr Z” “I’m Church Militant” etc etc. But I wanted to give some encouragement regarding your podcasts:

I am sorry to admit that when I first found your blog, I thought you were some mad (as in angry) middle-aged, attention-seeking American lady. [You burn one Koran…] Don’t ask me why exactly. I still read through a lot your posts however and you were the first voice I heard calling out about “pope” Francis. I was suffering from the loss of Pope Benedict, him being the only Pope I really remember much of in my lifetime and was not willing to warm to a new one.  When I heard that it was through his “humility” that he (Bergoglio) was staying at the Casa Santa Martha rather than the papal quarters (I don’t know what they are properly called) [the Papal Apartment in the Apostolic Palace] I called B.S. as I just felt that a part of humility is accepting all the various extravagances, if you like, that go with the position you hold, you just do, and get on with things.

Anyway. hearing you on podcast was a revelation, because (as you well know) you sounded perfectly lovely, friendly, sane, and happy and my perspective changed. Thank you for keeping on keeping on.

Thanks to SuperNerd for enabling the podcasts.
God Bless you both.


Most of the people that I see every day in my neighborhood, parishes, etc. have no idea about my… online activities, and would simply have no idea whom you were talking about and/or not believe you if you described me based upon my “public persona”.  If you need to describe me to the neighbors, it is, “the nice lady who wears the hats.”  OH!  Yes!  HER!  The happy hat lady!

So there you go.  I am not a CAT lady, I’m the HAPPY HAT lady.  I’ll take it!

This is similar to my latest millinery acquisition, a wide-brimmed straw boater with changeable ribbon tie.  I got it for a song.  Hats are relatively inexpensive, I suppose, because there isn’t much demand for them – which is FANTASTIC for me.  It’s going to be a GREAT summer!

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.