Reader sends in cautionary tale about marijuana.

Dear Ann,

Thank you for sounding the alarm on pot.

We received a call from the ER psych that our son had a psychotic break.  They wanted me to authorize involuntary commitment.  We live 3 hours from the college town.  We refused.  They tried scaring me and telling me he may be schizophrenic.  They wanted me to authorize an anti-psychotic drug during multiple conversations while we were driving there.  They made us wait 4 hours to see our son even though he kept asking for us.  They met with us twice before we were allowed to see him to try and get us to agree to involuntary commitment.

Our son was stressed with school  and started smoking pot (actually they vape it and it is 90% THC).  This messed with his sleep cycle and he started snorting coke to wake up for classes.  This led to serious depression and opened him up to all kind of demonic attacks.  A construction crew found him wandering their site and called campus security who called paramedics.  He sobered up in the hospital pych ER and was coherent by the time his brothers arrived 45 minutes after being admitted.

We found inpatient therapy and he was willing to go, but the hospital insisted on sending him in shackles in the back of a police car as an involuntary patient to a facility 1 1/2 hours away from us and his brothers.  Our son was never diagnosed suicidal or a potential harm to others.  The antipsychotic drugs were constantly pushed as an option for him.  He did take prozac while inpatient and stopped once out.  Our oldest son graduated with a chemistry degree and works for a pharmaceutical company.  He absolutely was against our youngest son taking antipsychotics. 

By God’s grace and many Latin Masses offered, he was released after 5 days, continues with his education, and went to out patient therapy.

So, did you ask who benefits from all these psychotic pot induced breaks?  I am convinced having gone through hell that the hospitals, inpatient psychiatric facilities, and  the biggest benefactor —- pharmaceutical companies benefit from legalized mind altering drugs such as pot. 

We have private insurance.  Our son was held the longest he could be held without a judge ruling on his case.  We hired a lawyer, which was hard to find someone who had any experience with this.

Our son told us that most of the inpatient people were homeless and there on Medicaid.  His fellow patients (many were ex-gang members) had him get food for them because our insurance paid for 3 meals a day and Medicaid paid for only 2 meals a day.  The homeless people he met could stay there 40 days go back to the street for 70 days and then start the cycle all over again.  

I know this is long, we are convinced that there is big $$$$ behind the legalization of pot.

We spent over $6000 out of pocket between the hospital, doctors, inpatient facility, etc.  Our insurance covered a lot of the cost after our deductible.

The attorney was $4000 to make sure he got released from the system and checked how it would affect him in his future job searches.

God bless you for speaking the truth!

Use this story, but please make it anonymous.

Thank you and keep speaking the truth.

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